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The inbox or another e-mail folder can be filtered so that only unread messages are displayed. By default, unread messages are displayed in bold in the message list.

  • In Outlook 2016, select the drop-down menu All at the top of the message list, and then select unread messages out.

  • In Outlook 2016, 2013, and 2010, select the drop-down list Filter email in the group Search on the ribbon, and then select Unread out.

Search all folders for unread messages

  1. Click in the box at the top of your inbox Search the current mailbox

  2. Give isread: no and then press ENTER or click in the group Restrict in the menu ribbon on the button Unread.

    Note: To apply the search to the current folder or subfolder, choose the button Current folder or the button Subfolder the group Area in the ribbon.

Create an Unread Messages Search Folder

A search folder is a folder with a predefined set of search criteria. The contents of your search folder will be updated automatically as soon as new items are received that meet the criteria.

  1. In the Inbox, select the tab folder > New search folder out.

  2. Choose unread messages from the group Read the news , then select OK out.

  1. Click the Navigation area on the plus sign (+) next to Search folderto view the subfolders.

  2. Click on the folder unread messages.

    Your unread items will appear in the message list.

    Tip: To the folder unread messages To make it more visible, drag it into the area Favorites folder.

Important: Deleting a search folder does not delete the e-mail messages displayed in the search folder because these items are never saved in a search folder, only displayed. However, if you open or select one or more email messages displayed in a search folder and then delete them, the messages are deleted from the Microsoft Outlook folder in which they are stored.

The folder unread messages is one of the predefined search folders. If this folder is not in the navigation pane under Search folder is displayed, you can create it again.