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ClickFunnels - What can it do and is it worth it?

Today we examine the online marketing tool ClickFunnels from the most successful marketing expert in the USA - Russell Brunson! As an ingenious all-in-one tool, Clickfunnels provides you with everything you need for successful marketing!

It replaces a multitude of tools and services that normally cost you a lot of money to use individually. This includes, for example, landing page software, affiliate tracking software, email autoresponders, web hosting, split testing software and many other features.

ClickFunnels has become the industry leader and many marketers in Germany are already using this theme as an overall solution. That is why we are subjecting it to a detailed test today and clarifying whether the account is worthwhile!


About the author Russel Brunson

His first digital product was a manual for a potato cannon. Now he is the inventor of ClickFunnels. Russel Brunson.

Russel Brunson is one of the best-known and most successful representatives in the online marketers scene. Countless, successful projects can be traced back to him and the success proves him as an expert in the field of the marketing funnel more than right. He is considered the greatest luminary in the field of marketing and sales psychology.

It all started with sales for the author and inventor of Clickfunnels when he was a child. Russel was already interested in landing pages, digital downloads and sales. And so he created an e-book about the technical background and the construction of a potato cannon as the first download product. This first small product was so successful that he continued to specialize in the field.

The high earning potential and the simplicity drove Russel to create and sell more and more high-quality digital products. In doing so, he achieved ever higher graduation rates, experimented with designs and thus acquired an incomparably high level of expert knowledge in a short time. All of the expertise that has been collected is now in the platform's in-house development Clickfunnels flowed. Clickfunnels is now the reference package for all online marketers and distributors of digital products. With Clickfunnels, it is now easy to effectively sell high-quality products even for marketers without programming knowledge. What the platform can do in detail and whether it really keeps the promises made - that is what we would like to clarify in this article.

What exactly is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a comprehensive marketing tool that combines all the relevant building blocks of a successful marketing funnel on one platform. Clickfunnels is aimed at a wide audience of users - whether with or without programming knowledge. Comprehensive tracking of all numbers, high-quality design templates for landing pages that convert very well and sophisticated lead management are just a few of the points that make Clickfunnels an all-in-one solution. Due to the high quality of the individual components, which have been optimized through long work and split tests, clickfunnels can demonstrably increase your own sales, optimize the automation of the process and save a lot of time in handling all order processes. Thus, Clickfunnels is pushing itself as the “egg-laying woolly milk pig” of the funnel platforms.

What makes Clickfunnels better?

There are a lot of pagebuilders on the market. OptimizePress, Leadpages, Thrive Architect are just a few representatives besides Clickfunnels. For all newcomers to the creation of landing pages or lead pages: A page builder is an in-browser software solution that can be used to put together individual elements of the landing page using drag-n-drop and fill them very easily. Many elements can be combined - such as videos, text passages, countdown timers and more.

In our opinion (from the point of view of a web design agency), Clickfunnels is one of the best pagebuilders on the market alongside Thrives Architect. It is noticeably geared towards newcomers to marketing who want to deal less with programming and more with the basic function and content of the landing pages. Even better - you can save a lot of time and, under certain circumstances, nerves with Clickfunnels. The existing templates and templates have all been tried and tested and also look very good! So you can start and test directly with the first content without having to spend forever with creating the corresponding landing pages. However, we would like to go into more detail on the subject of templates for Clickfunnels in the next subsection.

Existing templates at Clickfunnels

As already mentioned, Clickfunnels already has several ready-made templates ready for immediate use. You can then adapt these to your own liking. Logo, colors and generally your own corporate identity can easily be integrated into the ready-made templates at Clickfunnels. We definitely recommend this approach as well. Because a creation "from the scratch", i.e. the creation starting with a white page, can cost significantly more nerves, time and excitement than one would like. This does not necessarily have to do with click funnels, more to do with the topic of the page builder itself. Click funnels does a lot right there and shines with high-quality design and conversion-strong basic layout. Definitely a strong plus point and a reason to buy Clickfunnels!

Almost endless design possibilities - the pre-installed templates at Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels vs. other page builders

In short, a direct comparison of Clickfunnels to other page builders is always in favor of Clickfunnels. The reasons for this are obvious. The high level of experience that Russel Brunson has incorporated into the development of Clickfunnels is almost unbelievable. All features of the page builder are conversion-optimized and perfectly coordinated. Of course, this benefits every marketer who wants to rely on the excellent elements of the page builder and does not want to spend a lot of time with eternal split tests and fine-tuning.

At Clickfunnels you really have everything in one place - that was by far what impressed us the most. One or the other may now think that all features can also be found and integrated with other providers. That's right, without question. However, we hardly believe that this would be feasible without additional costs and that the total costs are significantly higher in the end! The overall package is simply the best at Clickfunnels. That saves time, money and a lot of nerves. And in the end, thanks to the good pre-installation of themes and designs, your own product is more likely to be on the market! It simply doesn’t have to be created and created yourself.

Incidentally, Russel Brunson only uses click funnels for his products. Conversely, this means that Clickfunnels itself is always kept up-to-date with constant and good updates and is subject to constant optimization.

In comparison, clear price / performance winner - Clickfunnels offers a lot of performance for the money

Backpack and actionetics in click funnels

Clickfunnels has even more to offer than the very successful page builder. Two of these well-functioning features in funnel marketing are called backpack and actionetics. With the help of these additional features, Clicktipp is able to move visitors and leads to more interaction with preset actions and ultimately to steadily increase the conversion in the funnel itself. Actionetics reliably analyzes the exact opening, click and interaction rates of every user for every email. Thus, precise actions can be defined for customers who are lazy to read, retargeting emails and much more. Clickfunnels also supports the user with Actionetics in the long term in the creation of high-quality newsletters. Not only do these look very appealing, they also convert very well. Clickfunnels also offers very good templates here. The second feature that we see as a unique selling point of Clickfunnels is backpack. It extends Clickfunnels by a simple but effective method to create an affiliate system for existing customers and advertisers. This is almost unique and cannot be found in the competition! Clickfunnels users can easily and quickly create a following of online marketers who advertise their own products.

Clickfunnels in German?

Unfortunately, this does not yet exist. Clickfunnels is completely in English. However, we do not see this as a shortcoming - the operation is simple and intuitive. That's why we don't see any language barriers when using Clickfunnels. Even people with less profound knowledge of English get along well with the backend and all functions straight away. In the event that someone without any knowledge of the English language wants to use Clickfunnels, there is still the function to have entire websites translated from English into German.

Clickfunnels installation

The entire installation of Clickfunnels is very simple and easy. We don't want to go into the process at this point. If, contrary to expectations, problems arise during the installation, friendly and helpful support is on hand. Or you can simply write your problem as a comment under this post - we are also happy to help 🙂

Clickfunnels and WordPress

There is a perfectly functioning and ready-made plugin for connecting Clickfunnels with WordPress. Simply install, enter your login details, and you're done. Here, too, there are few words to lose - should problems arise, simply comment below.

What does Clickfunnels cost?

It starts at Clickfunnels from $ 97. This sounds like a lot at first - but if you consider the costs that arise with other systems such as the combination of Thrive Architect and Klick-Tipp, these costs are put into perspective. And primarily 1-2 more sales per month is enough to fully recover all expenses for Clickfunnels. With the excellent features, it should be possible to do this quickly. The lucrative additional features such as backpack and actionetics are unfortunately only available in the larger packages. However, these are also designed for more experienced marketers, for whom a price of $ 297 is a well-tax-deductible overall concept.

Split testing with click funnels

Split tests can be carried out easily and effectively with Clickfunnels. For all newcomers to online marketing: In a split test, two landing pages, emails, ads or content compete against each other and then compare them in terms of opening rates, interactions and conversion. This is how you sound out the best-functioning concept and get the most out of your advertising budget.


Russel Brunson stands for sustainable and high-turnover online marketing. And the tools with which he generates this turnover are available for everyone to use. Clickfunnels is THE tool on the market when it comes to creating funnel systems. With Clickfunnels you can create impressive landing pages with high conversion rates in the shortest possible time. With a little experience you can create a complete funnel in 2-3 hours and concentrate on your core business again.

We have already integrated and operated all systems for customers. From Thrive Architect to Optimizepress. Now we only recommend Clickfunnels as an attractive overall package. It is also noticeable that Clickfunnels runs extremely smoothly and quickly. Thrive and Optimizepress, on the other hand, appear very clunky with very long loading times in places.

The price is not the cheapest - there is no other way to say that. However, if you compare the total costs of the features through alternative providers, you save in comparison!

We are convinced of Clickfunnels and consider it to be by far the best overall package in terms of usability, entry options for beginners and expansion options. All relevant functions and features for high-quality and modern marketing are available at Clickfunnels and thanks to the conversion-strong templates, getting started is also very easy!

The best thing to do is to get a picture of Clickfunnels yourself, free of charge! You can do this at the following link and test Clickfunnels for 14 days at no cost. Recommendation!

► Try now for 14 days completely free of charge!

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