How do wrist wraps work in the deadlift

How can you strengthen your grip * very gently * to safely perform pull-ups? Are wrist wraps good?


You are currently putting a tensile load on a muscle system and see which part of the system fails first. It's easy to forget that strength training is more than just exercising your muscles. It also involves stress on the tendons, ligaments, and bones. Since you experience inflammation of the tendons, it makes sense that the tendon is the weakest link.

Eccentric contractions put a lot more strain on the system, especially when performed with more resistance than can be moved concentrically. You should train your full range of motion (concentric and eccentric) to ensure that your muscles are not putting more strain on your muscles than the tendons can handle. Do deadlifts, assisted chins, cable pulldowns, rows, shrugs in a 5x5 rep scheme and you'll be strengthened at a rate your body can handle.


Half a year ago I had problems with my grip, so I started exercising my forearms to improve my grip strength.

Some exercises I added on my arm day to increase my grip strength -

Sitting palm-barbell-wrist-curls 4 sets of 25 pieces

Reverse barbell curl 3 sets of 15 pieces

I use gloves to get a better grip so the weights don't slip off. I think the gloves are very good for pull-ups.

Gloves I use:


It seems in the picture that they have some kind of strong wrap around the wrist, right? Is this particularly helpful when pulling?


Yes, but for me wrist wraps don't help with pull-ups, it's the glove itself. The friction of the glove helps me hold on with less effort.


The list of exercises to improve grip is as follows: deadlifts (these are awesome and you should probably be doing them anyway) and walks with farmers (these are pretty fun, too, and you can do and build them up with light DBs).


I tried almost identical gloves at a Decathlon store a few days ago and they didn't help at all, instead they forced me to squeeze my grip tighter as their thickness increases the diameter of the bar. Maybe nice for keeping your skin soft, but quite counterproductive when you want a stronger grip with less force. (Maybe your gloves are pretty thin and it's not exactly the same case).