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About Trendfurs

About Trendfurs

Legal status of the seller

Owner Maria Gerikoglou
Dörnweg 23
65760 Eschborn, Germany

Tax number: 04685730447
Sales tax ID: DE327606662

Phone: 061969729072
Fax: 061969729071
Email: [email protected]

Complaints procedure via online dispute resolution for consumers (OS): We are not willing and not obliged to take part in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board.

Service hotline: 01805 2346294
(Mon-Fri 9 am-12pm | 3 pm-6pm; 14 cents / min. German landline; max. 42 cents / min. From mobile)

Trendfurs - numerous fur enthusiasts associate this name with terms such as quality, reliability and style. The Frankfurt company, now in Eschborn, is shaped by us, the Gerikoglou family, who have been working with furs for more than 30 years and with a high level of commitment have created a family business whose fur products are very popular.

The demand we have placed on ourselves from the start has resulted in us producing quality goods from all types of fur. In this way, the wide range of fashionable tastes can be covered and the right product can be found for every fur hunter.

Started with the conviction that fur is not a mass product, Trendfurs has always focused on the greatest possible quality feature, which is the craftsmanship of the high-quality fur. In the products, a characteristic that is increasingly being observed by people today is also integrated, which shows the right path: sustainability. The materials come from Scandinavia, among others, where careful farming unites people and nature and does not lose sight of ethical aspects. Through all of these aspects, we, the family business Gerikoglou, create a unique item in every single case, which always differs a bit from other clothing made of fur. In the truest sense of the word, no part is exactly the same as the other.

The philosophy of our company does not define fur as a mere item of clothing, rather it combines various properties that fur lovers will like. For more than 30 years, fur has not only adorned the trend-conscious, but also flatters and warms in a natural and healthy way that is so important today. Fur products provide a feeling of security and give those who wear them a feeling that can be described as wellness. The latest generation of furs are very high quality and elaborately manufactured products that are light and, due to their softness, almost invite you to cuddle. Fur products are also characterized by the fact that they are as sensual as fine cashmere or expensive silk and also impress with their robustness. However, we constantly point out that these valuable properties can only be retained if the fur is properly cared for. Only then can fur lovers benefit from the long service life of their product.

If you share the values ​​and beliefs of our family company Trendfurs and appreciate high-quality fur products, we look forward to hearing from you. Convince yourself of the quality goods and take advantage of the friendly service provided by us, the Gerikoglou family. We are on hand with help and advice.