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This is how you, as a man, seduce another man into sex

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If you want to seduce a man to have sex, you should consider a few things.

Most gay or bisexual men have put a lot of thought into how best to seduce another man. Certainly - not every man is the same and responds to the same methods of seduction. Nevertheless, you can achieve your goal with a few tricks. That is why we clarify the question in this guide: What is a man into? exactly and which one technology promises the most success?

We'll show you how you, too, can manage to seduce another man as a man and have sex with him. No matter if you keep an eye on one Gay, bisexual or straight man threw.

Seducing a gay man

Step 1: meet a gay man

In order to be able to seduce another man as a man, you first have to have one identify potential partners. Sometimes it's not that easy. After all, gay men cannot always be identified by their appearance or behavior. Most homosexuals report a so-called "Gaydar" that sensitizes them to other gays - but this does not offer 100% security.

In order to speed up the search for a partner and actually only address gay men, you should proceed as follows:

Step 2: careful approach

Ask about sexual preferences to get your counterpart in the mood.

Have you discovered a man you like? Then move on to the next step - the approximation. This should be done carefully at first to find out how far you can go with your counterpart.

  • First start with Small talk and the typical questions about age, hobbies and profession. You can find tips for other topics of conversation here in the guide.
  • Then do your partner during the course of the conversation Compliments - e.g. B. about its attractive appearance. While doing this, see if he is complimenting you too. If so, it suggests that the sympathy is mutual.
  • Now be brave and do clear indicationsthat bring sex into play. Ask your counterpart z. B. According to certain sexual preferences or experiences. As a rule, you will quickly notice if you have gone too far.

Step 3: get up close and personal

Have you noticed that your counterpart is also interested in more than just one conversation with you? Then it's time to take action:

  • Start with a careful kiss.
  • Then kiss the body of the other.
  • If you notice that your counterpart is not averse, increases the pace and surrender to your lust.
What is the best way to seduce another man as a man?

Most men like caresses, but they also like it when their sexual partner just takes what they want. So have no inhibitions. Even so, it is of course advisable to yourself to be agreed beforehandwhat is wanted and what is not. While anal sex is considered the standard practice among men, many are not ready for it upon first contact. It is ideal for first sexual contact mutual satisfaction with the hand or with the mouth and a perfect blowjob.

Seducing a straight man

Seducing a man who is also interested in men still seems quite easy. But what do you do when the man of desire is heterosexual and actually no sexual interest in men Has? Here we tell you how you can increase your chances with actually uninterested men and seduce them.

Straight men are not always averse

Even if many men expressly describe themselves as straight, there are still some who like you not averse to sexual adventure with a man are. You may even be in a relationship with a woman and have never had sexual contact with men before. Precisely because of this, however, this experience can be appealing, especially because it is Men know best what men like.

So it is up to you to find out whether the man of your desire is strictly homoerotic acts or whether there is absolutely There are opportunities for you - and if it is only once. But be careful: here you should never fall into the house with the door, because men react much more sensitively to being touched by their own gender than z. B. Women. Men are common too rather homophobic, which can complicate your approach.

Step 1: Approach slowly

If you want to seduce a straight person, you should proceed step by step.

As a rule, you already have your desired straight man in mind and have therefore already found him. Now you have to find out what your chances are with him. The Salami tactics can help you with that. Here you can reach with many small steps and claims your goal.

  • First you should get one Friendship to the man of your desire build up to get closer to him. This can happen directly, or indirectly through mutual friends. Do something with him and get to know each other better - as usual in a normal friendship.
  • You can always do small ones Hints that speak for your interest in men. Do the man Compliments, praise the appearance of other men and show demonstratively that you are not interested in women at all.

Step 2: revelation of homosexuality

Your "friend" should now know that you are gay. However, you should not yet reveal that you are directly interested in him. That might put him off.

  • The time has now come for you to declare that you actually only into men. You can do this by saying that you actually find men much more attractive than women. You can also mention that you've only had positive experiences with men - negative with women.
  • Now you should ask directly whether he is a Has problem with that and whether this changes anything in the good friendship. In order not to bump you on the head, he will say no. Everything should stay the same as before.
  • The further reaction of your counterpart is decisive for whether your advertising has come to an end here. Does he avoid contact with you and if he avoids you, he apparently has a problem dating a homosexual. If everything is as usual, you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: seduction of the man

Make the straight man want more by caressing him.

Your friendship continues - the man of your desire apparently has no problems with homosexuality. The only question now is whether he is also interested in one or the other homoerotic experience.

  • You should therefore make the thought of it palatable to him. Look Movies with him, in which there are also gay scenes. But it shouldn't be purely gay films, but women should also appear. Anything else would be too obvious.
  • You can also mention which ones sexual experiences you already have with men and how much better they were than with women. Have a drink together - that loosens the mood and maybe makes your counterpart more open to the topic.
  • Do you have a good feeling about this? Then you can go one step further. If the right moment has come, you can be your counterpart caress and kiss. Propose to him to do it spoil - after all, you know where it is particularly good.

For starters, you should do it with one Hand or blowjob left. Many men are still very skeptical about anal sex. Ask your counterpart if he would like to try it out - then he should ideally take the passive part.


Depending on whether the man is still interested in sexual activities with you, can Your relationship will become even more intense. But you shouldn't get your hopes too high. Just because there is curiosity about sex with a man doesn't mean there is a chance of a steady relationship.

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