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Be the first to play Big Farm Story on Steam. But there are many more benefits to be discovered.

Exclusive piggy
Get the cutest little piglet. If you shower it with love, it will follow you everywhere. Have fun with the cute little animal and send it on a hunt for special treasures. And as soon as the game's Early Access phase is over, this animal will show everyone that you were one of our first players!

A super exclusive piglet
What's better than a piglet? Exactly: two! And it's not a normal pig, but the superhero among piglets: It's a pig-unicorn. Use its superpowers and send it on a search for even more valuable treasures. Did we mention it has a rainbow tail?

Get an exclusive animal basket
Adventures can be very tiring. This also applies to your little friend. So give your piglet some rest in its cozy animal basket. After a good night's sleep, it's even easier to go on a treasure hunt.

Beautify your garden with a unique decoration
Get the exclusive decoration for outside, the pig bank, and beautify your farm even more.

Design your home
Beautify your farmhouse and customize it with the pretty nature set. This pretty furniture package includes 6 pieces, such as a beautiful wooden floor and a great, artfully crafted table. Set up the furniture according to your taste and make yourself comfortable at home.

Your XP will go through the roof
Get XP seeds to advance faster in the game. If you sow XP seeds, you can harvest your fields again in no time at all. When you harvest the XP flowers, you'll level up faster and unlock new stickers in no time!

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Adventure, Casual, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Simulation, Early Access
Big Farm Story - Premium Pioneer Pack
Adventure, Casual, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Simulation
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