What are weird but high paying jobs

There are eleven funny jobs here where you can still earn a lot a month.

Need a new job?
Every day you get up, get dressed and go to the office. The sensitive work is done at the desk, day after day. At the end of the month, however, there is nothing left of the wages thanks to taxes, rent and other costly must-haves ...

If your current job is far too boring for you, you are longing for a higher salary and are looking for ideas, we have just the thing for you here: Eleven strangest jobs where you can look at your bank account with a grin at the end of the month:

# 1 - personal bridesmaid
If you can get along with everyone, this job is for you. The price is between 265 and 1780 euros per appearance and you also get professional makeup and a beautiful dress.

# 2 - living mannequin
Even if it sounds strange, many stores now pay a pile of ashes for a living mannequin. Here you are paid up to 89 euros per hour per order.

# 3 - biscuit quote writer
Well, where do those super cool sayings come from that you can find in your biscuits? Exactly, from the biscuit writer. Creative minds can make up to 66,800 euros a year with it.

# 4 - elevator attendant
Our elevators also need maintenance or repairs from time to time. Should you switch to this field, you will get up to 62,400 euros a year.
# 5 - wine tester
Sound strange, but it is like that. A real wine sommelier earns himself stupid and stupid by testing wine. He earns a mere 71,300 euros in twelve months.
# 6 - Dog Food Tester
And while we've been testing drinks ... There's also the dog food tester profession. With a net salary of 35,660 euros a year, you like to bite into dog food.

# 7 - Golf Ball Diver
Too good to be true: If you have a diving suit and feel like looking for the missing golf balls on a golf course, you can expect a whopping 89,150 euros at the end of the year.
# 8 - furniture tester
Even if the job doesn't pay as much as the others, you can make ends meet with a good 27,630 euros a year. All you have to do is sit on furniture. As a furniture tester, you travel from department store to department store and enjoy sitting for a test.

# 9 - Water slide testers
Probably the coolest job has a water slide tester who travels from water park to water park. With the equivalent of "only" 26,740 euros a year, the salary may not be the best in this ranking, but the job is always fun.
# 10 - a personal cuddle
You read that right! A “personal cuddler” earns around 53 euros for one hour of cuddling. However, you should make sure that you do not fall asleep during your job.

# 11 - handkerchief sniff
When we said they were weird jobs, we meant that too. Number eleven is the job of the "handkerchief sniffer", who can earn between 16,930 euros and 46,340 euros a year. What do you have to do for it? Quite simply: You apply to a tissue manufacturer and they hire you as a snoop. The only requirement is that you have a good sense of smell.

Well then, good sniffing!