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Branded products: Counterfeit goods on Amazon

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Many consumers shop on the internet. However, counterfeits are also offered on online platforms such as Amazon Marketplace - to the annoyance of the original manufacturer and customers. In a random sample, Markt finds three counterfeit branded products (price includes shipping costs in each case):

  • Gusti leather backpack Joe for 83 euros
  • Lacoste polo shirt L1212 for 47 euros
  • Adidas sports shoe Yeezy Boost 350 Kanye West for 14.01 euros

Cons for consumers

According to the customs, counterfeit products have these disadvantages in particular:

  • quality: Counterfeit products are usually much worse processed than original goods, and inferior material is often used.
  • health: Counterfeit paints and creams can contain toxic substances. Imitation sports shoes often have less cushioning, which can be bad for the back and joints.
  • warranty: Buyers have no guarantee claims against the original manufacturer for counterfeit products. On the contrary: The manufacturers of the original products can assert claims for damages from the consumers.

Beware of very cheap offers

A healthy mistrust is appropriate on online platforms such as Amazon Marketplace, says Sabine Klauer, head of the Hafencity customs office in Hamburg. In the case of above-average inexpensive products, one can often assume that they are counterfeits. Your tip: if in doubt, click once more to find a trustworthy provider.

Hardly any action against online platforms

Amazon is not necessarily responsible for offers from third parties on the Amazon Marketplace platform, says Jens Borchert, lawyer specializing in information technology, copyright and media law. Only when a rights holder or a consumer reports a counterfeit product is Amazon obliged to remove the goods from the platform. But even if Amazon did not remove such an offer, companies could not claim compensation payments.

Expert calls for stricter regulations

In order to solve the problem of product piracy, the EU Commission would have to make improvements. According to Borchert, there are two options: The operators of online platforms would have to be obliged to check violations as a preventive measure. And liability privileges would have to be deleted.

Economic damage from product piracy

According to current estimates by the EU Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, legal companies in the field of counterfeit bags and suitcases lose revenue of around 1.6 billion euros per year through counterfeiting. That corresponds to 12.7 percent of sales in this branch of industry.

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