How does the date of the postmark work

When is the postmark valid?

There are often submission deadlines for competitions, applications to authorities or applications. Compliance with this deadline can be checked using the postmark.

What does "Postmark apply" mean?

The date on which the sender sent a postcard or letter is on the postmark. If the postmark is valid, the date of dispatch counts and not the arrival date at the recipient.

► Example: The deadline for submitting a competition is February 13, 2020. Postcards postmarked February 13, 2020 (or earlier) will take part in the competition. Even if they did not arrive until 02/14. or 15.02. or arrive later at the recipient.

The recipient does not pay attention to the delivery date but to the date on the postmark.

To ensure that senders meet the deadline, they must post the postcard or letter before the so-called emptying time. Only then will the shipment be stamped on the same day.

► Another example: a mailbox is emptied every day at 5 p.m. If someone throws a letter on 02/13. at 5:05 p.m., it will probably no longer be transported to the mail center on the same day but will only be stamped there the next day. The deadline for submissions is February 13th. would be missed, although the show on February 13th. was thrown in the mailbox.

Internet brands from Deutsche Post are a specialty. They are not stamped in letter centers but digitally canceled. Internet brands can be recognized by a matrix code (looks similar to a QR code). The rule "the postmark applies" cannot be implemented for internet brands.

Deutsche Post has been issuing postage stamps with matrix codes since February 2021. Customers can use it to digitally query the processing date in the mail center. More on this in this report at Paketda.

By the way: If you vote by postal vote, the postmark is never decisive for the validity of the vote, but the time of delivery at the electoral office. Polling stations usually close at 6 p.m. on Sundays. If a postal voting envelope has not been received by the electoral office by then, it will not be taken into account. Even if the citizen actually sent the ballot paper on time. More details in this report on postal votes.

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