What if Jesus had never been born?

It rings

The angels proclaim the good news of the birth of Jesus - not first to the rich and powerful, but to the poor and exploited. In the Bible these are the shepherds. Simple workers who earn little and work a lot. Today it could be the parcel carriers. Until late at night and heavily packed, they deliver millions of parcels. You especially need good news on December 24th.

From the air

Is that a mustache over the lovely angel's mouth? Indeed! In fact, only male angels appear in the Bible itself. The nativity scene has changed that. Because of the bell-like voices? We say: Bass can also be wonderful


Waving robes like men and women wore 2000 years ago? It should be comfortable for an expectant mother today. In 2019 Maria wears a hoodie instead of a headscarf. Never without my hoodie!


Josef is the most modern figure in the classic nativity scene. Even then, he had no problem with a blended family (and a woman pregnant with the Holy Spirit). He had his carpenter profession and his long beard 2000 years before both became cool in Berlin-Mitte. Means: It stays that way.

All around

A stable in which animals stand freely on straw and an ox is actually still allowed to wear horns is hard to find today. Jesus would probably be born on an organic farm in 2019. Green Christmas, so to speak.

In the middle

It's ... oops, a girl! Why not? Gender is not so important in the Savior story. God has qualities that fit both masculine and feminine stereotypes. Much more important: Christianity is the only religion that sends a baby to earth as a founder of religion. Homeless and without protection, in a shaky manger. By the way: Even if there weren't God's daughter in 2019, but the Son of God: His name would no longer be Jesus. Back then it was a household name, today it has gone out of fashion.

From far away

Of course, they didn't come with the e-scooter back then. Would also be too far. The three wise men were important men from foreign lands. It is through them that the world learns of the birth of the Savior. Who could do it best today? Exactly, influencers. "Hey guys, I'm standing at the manger of Jesus! The Son of God! I was allowed to take the full selfie. The parents are mega. Kiss goes out. Check my Insta-Story #BabyJesus #VollSuess #Bethlehem #Gott - Divine is also my new jewelry collection, with real myrrh, here the link ... "