Do you practice running every day

Who doesn't know that: You want to go jogging with motivation, listen to your favorite music on your mobile phone and when it starts, you notice that the battery is empty. The motivation is gone. And especially the mood.

Some students at the Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern University (ISEN) now want to change that. As with ergometers, i.e. bicycle generators, they want to generate electricity with their own physical strength - and thereby charge their own smartphone while exercising.

“Stay fit, stay charged, stay green” The concept behind this is relatively simple: Before jogging, a small device called myPower is clipped onto the waistband, which converts movement into energy during the run. To do this, a magnet rotates with a metal coil (keyword induction) and generates electricity, which is then stored in a battery.

45 minutes of running are enough to generate energy for seven to eight hours of mobile phone use. With this current, any smartphone or other electronic device can be charged very easily using a USB cable.

Within a year, according to the developers, one could thus offset the entire carbon footprint of the smartphone - that's five million tons of carbon dioxide, they say. Prerequisite: run for an hour every day. But in the end you are not only doing something good for the environment, but also for your own health. How exactly the students calculated their environmental balance, however, have not yet been made public.

However, the idea of ​​charging cell phones without a power outlet is not new. “Of course there are already devices that can be charged via solar cells or through movement,” admit the students from Chicago. However, MyPower is the first to be specially developed for runners.

The prototype of the myPower: [nggallery id = 22]

The huge market that the students are serving with myPower is also an advantage: sales of running clothing and accessories alone are now around three billion euros a year. In addition, there are sales of accessories for smartphones, which amount to around 15 billion euros per year.

With their concept, which is currently still in the development phase, they have even convinced the jury of the so-called "Challenge Cup". This global competition promotes start-ups that deal with the categories of education, health, energy and cities. If myPower goes into production, it will cost around 45 euros.

Energy to power electrical devices cannot only be generated while jogging. The 15-year-old Canadian Ann Makosinski has developed a flashlight that can be used with body heat.

Turning your own body into a waste heat power plant - that is also the concept of the Power Pocket. Because with the system that was developed by the British telephone company Vodafone, it should soon be possible to simply supply the cell phone battery with fresh electricity using your own body heat. One night in a sleeping bag should be enough.

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