What is your choice of RSS feeds

What is an RSS feed? And how can I use RSS?

You see this symbol everywhere, but you don't know exactly what RSS actually means? Here are a few facts about RSS:

  • RSS stands for R.eally S.imple S.yndication.
  • The RSS version of a website or blog is called an RSS feed (to feed).
  • An RSS feed is the modern form of a newsletter. Instead of receiving new articles by email, you can collect all your subscribed RSS feeds in one RSS reader.
  • This gives you a quick overview of new, interesting articles without having to visit all of your favorite websites individually. If you want to continue reading an article, simply click on the link to the website.
  • In the feed reader you collect all your subscribed RSS feeds.
    Popular online news readers are e.g. Netvibes, the feed reader from Google, Pageflakes or meinYahoo.
  • You simply copy the address of the RSS feed into the feed reader of your choice. You can find our RSS feed at: http://feeds.feedburner.com/elmastudio.
  • And if you don't yet use an RSS reader, you can alternatively subscribe to the RSS feed by email.

Why should you subscribe to RSS feeds?

It's simple: You have many favorite websites, but you don't have the time and inclination to search them all for interesting and new articles every day?

An RSS reader bundles all the current articles from your favorite websites and blogs on one clearly arranged page. Incidentally, all German newspapers and news services also offer RSS feeds for their readers.

So you are always up to date, you can select the articles that interest you, and you no longer have to spend time visiting all websites individually.

In short: RSS feeds are really a great thing. And I hope my little introduction convinced you to set up an RSS reader too, if you haven't already done so.

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