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SMEs should rely on these communication channels!

Small and medium-sized companies are still insufficiently exploiting the potential for winning new customers that the Internet offers them. In our article we would therefore like to show you which ways are available on the Internet to draw potential customers' attention to your own company and to retain existing customers in the long term.

If you are asked to name a channel through which your company can acquire customers on the Internet, the first thing that will probably come to your mind is the company's website. But there are also promising ways beyond your own website that should be used. The good news: Even small and medium-sized companies that have only a small budget for online marketing can achieve a lot with the right know-how. We will show you the various options and tell you how you can use the respective channels effectively for your purposes.

The 6 most important channels for customer acquisition on the Internet

Your own website

Your own website should be the linchpin of all activities on the Internet. For a successful customer approach, rely on a professional and search engine-optimized company website that is convincing in terms of appearance, content and technology. Ideally, you will succeed in gaining the interest and trust of the visitors with the website. So that interested website visitors also become customers, it is important that you place your contact details such as telephone number, address and opening times prominently on the page. Also remember that nowadays more and more users are surfing the Internet on the move - a mobile-optimized company website is a must!

The online shop

Nowadays, customers want to shop independently of shop opening hours. An online shop is therefore ideal for reaching new customers on the World Wide Web. Regardless of the time and location, visitors can conveniently browse your online product range and have the goods they want delivered to their home. The big advantage? With an online shop, you can address customers who live outside of your catchment area and who might never find your place in your shop.

The company blog

Another important communication channel can be your own company blog, which is ideally integrated into the company website. By reporting on the latest developments in your industry on your blog and providing content adapted to your target group, you present yourself as an expert in your field and new customers will notice you. However, you should be aware that regular content authoring, publishing, and sharing takes time.


Sending an email newsletter should be an integral part of your communication mix. Newsletters are not only ideal for providing interested customers with current information, but also for drawing the attention of existing customers to new products or current offers. This is how you bring your company back to their customers' minds.

Social media

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter are very popular - and no longer just for a younger target group. With a social media presence, you can show your company from a more personal perspective and inform you about the latest news. The platforms are therefore not only ideal for making initial contacts with potential customers, but also for striving for long-term customer loyalty. Of course, you don't have to be represented in every network. Focus on the platforms that are also used by your target group. Tip: Customer service via social media is becoming increasingly important. You should therefore treat inquiries such as Facebook and Co. in the same way as inquiries using traditional channels.


Videos are the trend of our time and therefore represent another very promising way of acquiring customers. In particular, videos contribute to a large reach in social networks. So that potential customers feel attracted by your videos, you should focus on entertaining and high-quality content. It goes without saying that the quality of the video must also be right. At the end of the video, you should definitely refer to your company website or other contact options so that interested users can contact you.


In order to reach as many new customers as possible on the World Wide Web, you should not limit yourself to one communication channel. It is advisable to use different channels in parallel to increase the chance that potential customers will become aware of your company. However, this can only work if you know your target group very well and coordinate all measures. Then nothing stands in the way of acquiring new customers!

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