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Children's programs: TV instead of school: the best programs for children

One knowledge show a week has been the deal in our family since the first lockdown. We had to renegotiate the television times because they got completely out of hand. On three afternoons my boys, 5 and 6 years old, are now allowed to watch, each for half an hour.

The big one almost always wishes Checker Tobi (Kika). The moderator Tobias Krell ("the one who always asks, the one who dares everything") finds out how things work. Sometimes it's a sport (snowboard check, swimming check), sometimes something historical (Beethoven check, medieval check) or scientific (fat check). My kids also like the thoughtful things (award-winning: the episode about escape). In just under 25 minutes, a topic is widely explored. For the "hair check", Tobi visits a hairdresser, a beautician and a poodle stylist and has her work explained to her. Short graphic sequences show how hair grows and that the Egyptians already shaved. My son's teacher also likes to use the films in specialty classes.

Sometimes I hear from the living room, "Yeah, I got it right!" There are puzzles for the kids hidden in every program. There are also experiments that can be copied. "Hair helps us to feel, just do it like that ..." says Tobi and blows on his arm. My big son rolls up his sleeves: "I can tell!"

But the real highlight is that Tobi tries so much. He climbs steep walls, plucks guitar strings, has his legs waxed. He repeats what was explained shortly before. "Yes, people, and now have a look at this, my hair is stuck in the wax, including the hair bulb." This is how what you learn is memorized. Incidentally, this works particularly well if something goes wrong during Tobi's check attempts or it becomes a bit uncomfortable. "Oh, dude, stop it now," he calls, half laughing, half howling, to the woman in the waxing studio who is tearing the beeswax off her shins.

In addition to Checker Tobi, Checker Can and Checker Julian also perform at Kika. There is no checker, I am annoyed about that. (Kika, new episodes on Saturdays, 7:25 p.m.) Sarah Schaschek