What is the difference between snow and frost

frost - Frost is not always frost

Frost is basically an air temperature below 0 degrees. In order for this temperature to be reached, the air has to cool down. This happens at night when the floor radiates heat and no new energy can be added without the sun. This cooling is particularly strong on a clear night, as the ground can radiate unhindered. Clouds inhibit the cooling because they reflect the radiated heat back to the ground.

Ground frost

When the floor radiates heat, the lowest layer of air cools down first. Only later does the air above it also get colder. Ground frost is the condition when the temperature is 5 centimeters below the freezing point and at the same time in the positive range at 2 meters. Ground frost usually occurs at the beginning of autumn or in spring, when the night-time cooling is not yet too strong or is no longer too strong.

Hut frost

If the air sinks below 0 degrees even at a height of 2 meters when it is very cold, it is called hut frost. The name comes from the time when the 2-meter temperature was still measured in weather huts.

Hut frost in sight

In the night on Tuesday there is likely to be widespread frost in the lowlands. If the clouds loosen up enough, the first frost can even form in the night from Sunday to Monday.

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