Should fast food be banned in America

First fast food sales ban to young people
There is also a ban on the sale of beverages with a high sugar content

First fast food sales ban to young people
Also for beverages with a high sugar content

More and more children and young people only know one diet.
A quick burger, french fries and a coke.
In addition, lack of exercise and the role model from the parental home.
In 2010 there was already an investment on restrictions on sugar and fat in food.
But all of this was rejected by the government.
As always, one relied on a voluntary commitment.

Hardly anything came out of it, except declarations of intent.

Noteworthy now there is the first
Ban on selling fast food
to people under the age of 18.

Not in Germany, however.

The Mexican state of Oaxaca has now brought a one-time law on the way.
From now on it is forbidden to sell children junk food and sugary soft drinks.
So in this state, unhealthy food is classified in the same way as alcohol and cigarettes. According to the government, it is important to slow down this industry.

There are places in Mexico without medical care but with Coke.

In Mexico, as in the US, there are high numbers of diabetes and obesity.
The government is also of the opinion that precisely this circumstance of a lack of healthy nutrition has favored corona mortality.

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