What are the top local SEO tools

Local SEO 2020: The Ultimate Guide to Local Visibility

1. Google Suggest (auto-suggestions for Google Search)

Not only is Google Suggest helpful for general search engine optimization, it can work well for local search as well. But what you have to consider here: The keywords have to be formulated in the way that potential local customers will ask them.

For example, if you type in “lawyer”, you will get some local search suggestions. However, none of the other suggestions in this example are suitable for local searches.

“Lawyer nearby” would be another example of a local search query - but not suggested by Google in this example.



These keyword suggestions aren't suggested just because enough people are searching for them.


2. Related searches

The list of similar search queries is another tool from Google that you can use not only for SEO in general, but also for local SEO.

As soon as you type in search terms and search for them, "Similar searches for ..." are displayed at the end of the results. Here is an example for the search query Pizzeria Amriswil.



These suggestions are terms and keywords straight from Google that are actually often searched for. So if the keywords match, you should definitely add them to your keyword list.


3. Yelp

Yelp is another great keyword research tool for local SEO that works basically the same as Google Suggest.



Let them show you the suggestions and see if you can find keywords that potential customers could search for in order to find your business.

Yelp not only shows you the terms that you typed in while searching, but often many more. For example, if you search for sushi, it will also show keywords such as "Asian fusion cuisine" in the results.




4. Google Keyword Planner

With the Google Keyword Planner you get search volume data for specific areas. So if you want to know, for example, how often a certain keyword is searched in the canton of Thurgau, this tool is just right for you.

Google Keyword Planner not only gives you information about a typed keyword, but also shows you many other suggestions. These are the suggestions that people look for most.

With this tool you can both pick the best from a range of keywords and discover new ones. If you're looking for new keywords, you can select "Start with a website" and enter the URL of a page.



Suppose you own a pizzeria in Amriswil. Now you can enter a URL in the field, for example from your competitor's site. This will show you various suggestions for keywords that appear on this page.



"Order pizza in Amriswil", "Pizza courier Amriswil", "Restaurant in Amriswil", "Restaurant Amriswil", "Amriswil Restaurant" and "Eat Amriswil" should be on your keyword list.

Thanks to Google's Keyword Planner, you can easily see how people are searching for companies like yours and what local searches look like. In smaller cities it is often searched like this:

Romanshorn Butcher's / Romanshorn Butcher's / Frauenfeld Butcher's Shop

In larger cities, you should not only have keywords with the name of the city, but also with the district in your list. Because in larger cities search queries often look like this:

Butchery Höngg / Butchery Altstetten / Butchery Zurich Oerlikon


5. Local Voice Search

As we have already seen in the blog post on optimization for voice search, voice search is becoming increasingly important. According to Google, 20% of all search queries on mobile devices are already via Voice Search carried out.

With the BERT update for Voice Search, the German search queries could now also be optimized. The share of search queries via voice search is therefore likely to increase in the future.



Whether we type in our request or speak makes a crucial difference. Search queries via voice search are usually longer and formulated in natural language.

Here's an example:

If you are looking for a vegan restaurant at Zurich main station, the search query could look something like this:



When searching via voice search, however, the queries are longer and contain more natural formulations. It could look something like this:



As far as we know, there are no tools that can provide you with voice search keywords. Still, voice search is an important factor to keep in mind when doing local SEO keyword searches. Just put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and write down the keywords that you would search for using voice search.

For even more useful tools for keyword research - whether in general SEO or in local SEO - we recommend these step-by-step instructions for keyword analysis.