What is the most popular programming language

These are the most popular programming languages ​​in 2020

These 4 programming languages ​​will be in demand in 2020

The Python programming language took first place with a share of almost 30 percent according to the PYPL leading index. This makes it the most popular programming language in the world. Python was developed almost 30 years ago, but has enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years.

Java and JavaScript follow with 19 percent and 8 percent. Java can be used to create applications that run within a browser and on computers. JavaScript, on the other hand, is a scripting language for interactive content on websites.

Fourth place goes to C # - pronounced “C-Sharp”. This programming language was created on behalf of Microsoft.

This is how the PYPL index is composed

The ranking of the most popular programming languages ​​was based on the PYPL Index - Popularity of Programming Language Index. It analyzes how often users search for tutorials on Google. The more often one searches for programming aids for a certain language, the more popular the programming language becomes in the ranking.

Why you should study Python too

Python is very popular. But what can the trend be traced back to?

Python is an open source language. This means that it is a public source and freely accessible to everyone. Getting started with the programming language is quick. Python is relatively easy to learn even as a beginner, because programs using Python are usually quite short. The code is structured and the number of keywords is small.

The programming language has become more popular, especially in recent years, as it is ideally suited for the data science application area. That is why Python is already part of the curriculum at many universities. It's perfect for writing artificial intelligence algorithms.

Do you want to deal with simpler programming and formatting languages ​​for website creation first?

Source: PYPL Index