How many pavilions are there in Epcot?

Epcot - The Most Demanding Theme Park

EPCOT, the “Experimental Prototype Community of Tommorrow”, is a theme park with a mixture of entertainment and information and is aimed primarily at adult visitors. But children will also find plenty of fun here.

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Tickets for the theme park “Epcot” | Search for Nemo and find Pluto | A golf ball spaceship named Earth | From space directly into the typical Disney world and back | Hotels, Apartments and Vacation Rentals | Almost the whole world in one pavilion

For a long time, the "Epcot" theme park was the least typical within the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida. Only a few could do anything with the names, Mickey, Donald and all the other characters that usually populate a Disney park were missing. Overall, it was more about visions and learning than about fun and harmless pleasure. That can be explained from the history of the park, and it has since survived.

"Epcot" is probably still the most demanding park in the entire Disney world, but rides and the simply indispensable characters such as Goofy, Uncle Dagobert and the gang of bazookas have also found their way there.

Tickets for the theme park "Epcot"

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Search for Nemo and find Pluto

Visitors to the “Sea Base Pavilion” will find a world in which fun and learning mix in a wonderful way. Please get into the "Clamobile" and first of all, take a gentle ride to look for Nemo, the famous fish that keeps disappearing. You sit in huge shells and move with them through an ideal, unpolluted ocean full of colorful sea creatures and plants. Then you can subject this fairytale experience to a reality check. An aquarium with enormous dimensions invites you to get to know real fish.

It is not only allowed to watch, but also to play. With many interactive offers, this parking module is also ideal for smaller children.
This also applies to the film "The Circle of Life", which, with a length of 20 minutes, does not overwhelm the child's attention. Especially not because an easily digestible mix of animation and action has been achieved here. The topic: Our earth and how we can and should treat it more carefully than before.

After that, however, it can be pure fun! There is it in the best Disney manner in the "West Pavilion", where the "Cartoon Clubhouse" is located. All the heroes who make Disney comics and films so unique live here. Whether Minnie or Mickey Mouse, whether Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Tick. Trick and Track or Pluto yourself; everything of rank and name is available here to greet visitors. Hugs are not only allowed, they are expressly encouraged.

A golf ball spaceship called Earth

When the "EPCOT Center" (the name was originally written in capital letters) was inaugurated on October 1, 1982 after around three years of construction, Walt Disney could no longer be there. He had already died during the construction work on the "Magic Kingdom", the first theme park of the new Disney Resort. The Walt Disney Company, which had now legally followed him as client, could not bring itself to follow his visions for a variety of reasons. Walt Disney wanted to build a real city with a model character with EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow). 20,000 people should live in it and, as if in a field test, provide insights for urban planning of the future.

The park planners refrained from doing so completely. Instead, a theme park was created that dealt with two focal points. One part was dedicated to the culture of many peoples and nations, the other dealt with the latest technical developments, prototypes and visions. The most eye-catching structure in the theme park was (and is) the “Spaceship Earth”; a huge exhibition sphere that seems to have fallen straight from space onto the park. In fact, this “spaceship” is also reminiscent of an oversized golf ball.

No matter what you associate with the shape, an exciting journey through human history awaits visitors inside. 40,000 years, from the first cave paintings to the landing on the moon, are summarized in a good quarter of an hour. History can hardly be more focused and entertaining! The respect for the past then almost inevitably leads to the question of what the future may hold in store. Visitors can find answers to these questions in the interactive “Project Tomorrow” area, in which digital games and simulators can be used.

From space directly into the typical Disney world and back

Epcot was well received and visited millions of times, and yet this theme park did not seem “right” to belong to Walt Disney World Resort Orlando for a long time. Typical elements such as parades and roller coasters were simply missing, to name just two examples. The management reacted to this and introduced various innovations. Today, for example, as already mentioned, you can travel on a train through the “Spaceship Earth”. From the beginnings of human history to the social networks of the present, the visitor learns and experiences how people communicated with each other in the respective epochs.

If you like, you can also take a flight to Mars from Epcot. Please get in and buckle up for four visitors in a cabin. Then it's off into space. Not only does it offer a view of space and the planets, but the physical forces that arise are also simulated. Since a lot of technical know-how is required in Epcot, individual attractions are regularly sponsored by large companies. One of these companies is the German Siemens AG. It sponsors the main attraction “Spaceship Earth”. The food giant Nestlé in turn supports the attraction “The Land” financially. It is about sustainable agriculture and the challenge of being able to feed a growing world population in the future.

Hotels, apartments and holiday homes

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Almost the whole world in one pavilion

The whole world is a guest at the Epcot theme park. This is not only proven by the visitors from all over the world, but also by the “Epcot World Showcase” park area. Eleven nations present themselves there with everything that defines their national identity. From the food selection in the restaurants to the assortment in the souvenir shops, from the architecture to the entertainment program, everything is "typical" here. The countries that have the privilege of presenting themselves to such an international audience are of course the USA itself, followed by Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and Morocco. Germany, France, Italy, Norway and Great Britain are represented from Europe.

What is typical to see and hear in the live shows? For example circus-ready acrobatics from China, bagpipers from Scotland and thundering drums from Japan. The festive end to every visit to Epcot is a spectacular fireworks display in the evening. You shouldn't miss this, even if you are a little tired from a long day.