Affiliate Marketing Does Good Money

From the first euro to four-digit income with an affiliate website

The fact that one's own affiliate website hardly brings in any money in the first few months is certainly nothing new for many.

In the following interview, I'm talking to an affiliate who is still quite young, but who is already making good money in affiliate marketing. You will learn how he experienced the first time and how he then achieved four-figure affiliate income.

Hello Alex. Please introduce yourself to my readers.


Hello and first of all, thank you very much for having the honor of giving an interview on one of the largest “affiliate marketing” blogs in Germany.

My name is Alexander Jakob, I'll be 19 next week and come from Austria. Last year I successfully completed my Matura (Abitur) and also started my own business in the field of web design and affiliate marketing.

What were your first business experiences on the internet?

The first money I made on the internet was from Youtube. A few years ago I uploaded a Youtube video, a short clip in the game League of Legends, which then went viral on Reddit with over 300,000 views.

This resulted in around 50 euros - that's it for the next few years, until I finally came across the Amazon partner program. Through an affiliate link that I posted somewhere, someone bought a product by chance - my first 5 Euro affiliate commission, I was as happy as a small child.

How did you get into affiliate websites?

Indeed through the Youtuber “Fritz Recknagel”. A few years ago he was a gaming youtuber who brought League of Legends content. While I never followed these videos, I knew him from this content.

At some point he was suddenly out and about as an “online marketer” and made videos for so-called niche sites. I had no idea about it and initially thought the whole thing was fraud, but somehow it interested me and so I gained more and more knowledge and experience in the field of affiliate marketing, even if I did not plan to get into this business at the time.

How did the affiliate website come about and how has it developed since it was launched?

A few years ago I bought a 144hz monitor myself and have been incredibly satisfied with this smooth picture ever since. Because of all the insights into affiliate marketing through YouTube videos, I suddenly had the idea to set up such a website on the subject of “144hz monitors” and after a short competition analysis and keyword research I realized that I might have found a gold mine. I registered the domain, installed WordPress and spent days building the website - I was very motivated and convinced that I would soon have success with it.

However, it was not successful for the next 6 months because the website simply did not get on page 1 in Google. At that time it was not clear to me that websites take time to rank properly and I even wanted to give up the website because there was simply no income - despite the high quality content. Nevertheless, I stayed tuned and have been constantly acquiring links for the site since the beginning (which, as it turned out, had to “mature” first) and so in October 2017 came the first top 10 rankings for the main keyword “144hz Monitor”.

The first 100 euros with the website - I felt like a millionaire. The positions in Google search got better week-by-week and so the first 4-digit earnings were finally generated in November - an unbelievable feeling. Since then the rankings as well as the income have been pretty constant and I am very happy with the development of the website. I am now using the authority of this website to push new website projects. (e.g.

Which software and plugins do you use for this? Which hosting did you choose?

As already mentioned, I use WordPress as a content management system because it makes your work easier and has many advantages. I use the AffiliateTheme * as a theme, as it is perfect for niche sites and also offers users added value through tables and product filters.

For the plugins I use Yoast SEO for the SEO measures, the paid plugin WPRocket for the page speed and also AAWP * to expand the theme.

My web host is Checkdomain, which I am also very satisfied with - great prices and great customer service.

Do you write all the content yourself? How do you go about doing this?

At the beginning I wrote all the lyrics myself because I didn't have the money to hire anyone. In the meantime I have some texts outsourced to - it depends on how demanding the content is for the respective page / subpage.

In order to provide optimal content, a professional copywriter can definitely be an advantage.

There are a few reviews on your niche website. How do you get these products and how do you go about testing them?

The few products for which a test report is available, I own myself - for private purposes - and have accordingly been tested by me.

In the tests, of course, I try to be as professional and objective as possible, but still use various larger test portals as a guide when it comes to test criteria, procedures, etc. For all other products, as mentioned on the home page, I am referring to other sources and reviews.

You built this niche website alongside your high school diploma. What kind of problems and challenges did it cause?

Of course you have less time because of the stress at school. For me, however, it has always been the case that I invest my time in the “important” things and so I actually only did what was necessary for school and focused mainly on my hobbies - which from today's perspective has been totally worth it .

How did you get visitors for your niche website? What SEO and marketing measures did you take?

The users come through the Google search completely organically. Every now and then I use Google Adwords to test the user signals (session duration, bounce rate, conversion, etc.) on new subpages.

Over time I have acquired more and more SEO knowledge and so the website has been completely optimized on-page technically. I think the building of the backlink has brought the site the success it has today, because I keep discovering new unused backlink opportunities and thus get links that others don't have, because they simply put in too little time and work. These are the people who build an affiliate website (which is good in itself), invest little or no time in building backlinks and then stagnate forever on page 2 in Google until they finally give up the project. Wasted potential!

In my opinion, the most important tool for SEO analysis is - it costs $ 99 a month, but you can use it for free for 2 domains.

How do you make money with it? What sources of income do you use and what are your most important experiences?

Mostly through the brokering of products - i.e. affiliate marketing with the Amazon partner program. For a short time I have also integrated other affiliate programs from (Caseking, Asus), but I hardly generate any income because everyone buys from Amazon, due to the best price and fast delivery by Prime.

In addition, I have Google AdSense advertising on the website, but only on some sub-pages, as I don't want to overload the website with advertising and the products should be in the foreground anyway.

Finally, I would love your top tips for anyone looking to build a new niche website.

I recommend everyone who wants to get started with affiliate marketing to be patient and to stick with the project with full energy, even if you don't see any success after the first few months.

Another important point is the content of a website - one should always pursue the goal of delivering the best content and offering the user maximum added value. Show Google why your website is better than other sites!

Another point I want to address is link building. Backlinks have an incredibly big impact on the ranking of your site because they give the site the authority it needs to rank high on Google. For this reason, this part of search engine optimization must by no means be neglected.

The most important thing is definitely the experience - neither an e-book nor an expensive video course can give you that.

Thanks Alex for the interview

and the insights into your affiliate website.

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