What is promotional SMS versus transactional SMS

3 useful uses for transaction SMS

Thing thing, you got a text message. How long did it take you to open it? If you are like 90% of the people in the world, you will likely have read the message within 3 minutes of receiving it. If you are like 98% of the world, then until the end of the day.

Sending SMS is one of the most widely used channels for direct communication. InstaGiv expects a 50% increase in users who choose to use SMS communication in the UK between 2016 and 2020. As many as 64% of Americans would like businesses to use text messaging more.

In short: SMS enable companies to have a powerful personal exchange with their target audience in a simple and efficient way.


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And what other channel is incredibly effective at building strong customer relationships and reaching those customers at the right time? You guessed it: the email.

Do you already use transactional emails? Then imagine the possibilities if you ... Transactional SMS Add.


Transactional SMS - An endless source of possibilities

At first glance, email and SMS don't really seem to go together. However, when you take a second look, the link between them makes perfect sense.

Here are three ideas how you can use transactional SMS:


1. Customer authentication via SMS

Transactional SMS are great for easily implementing two-factor authentication and confirming your users by sending a code. Users can log in with a selected password and also have an additional level of security.

The advantage is obvious: if you manage payment details, for example, your customers will feel much more secure if they receive a six-digit code for authentication. This strengthens the trust that your customers have in you and thus contributes directly to customer loyalty.


2. Sending important information

In a world where advertisements bombard customers, it is important to stand out. You should therefore notify your customers of important information via SMS if they need it. Such SMS notifications could be:

  • a low balance in a bank account
  • a pending delivery
  • Flight delay


Combine this with transactional emails with all the extra information that doesn't fit in a text message. That way, your users will get an instant alert and know where to find the full details whenever they need it.

Important: Only send notifications that your customers really need and want to receive.


3. Sending relevant confirmations

We are pretty familiar with online transactions these days and very often we expect to receive confirmations for our orders. If not, we tend to believe that a problem has occurred.

Sending a confirmation SMS, such as a pending appointment or a purchase notification, lets you stand out immediately and increases customer satisfaction.

Conversely, this means that you need to plan and personalize your SMS notifications to be in line with your brand and customer interests.


Sending transaction SMS is very easy

Are you ready to start two-factor authentication and send notifications and confirmations to your customers via SMS? Then we have good news for you! Mailjet launches its own solution for transaction SMS!

Returning to our roots as a transactional email service (something we are leaders in and what we are known for), Mailjet will bring all of its expertise into transactional SMS. Our robust infrastructure enables us to send several million e-mails per hour without waiting.

With SMS on the verge of becoming an important part of a brand's marketing mix, our next logical step was of course to provide transactional SMS to our customers with the same standards of our email service, at a competitive price and with the best possible deliverability in over 54 countries.

SMS makes your transactional emails even more advanced. Be honest, do you know a more iconic duo?



Now it is your turn!

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