Why do royals join the military

British Royals: These are the jobs they have outside of the crown

You think royals can only stand on a balcony and wave nicely? Not even close! Gala shows you which un-royal jobs the members of the British royal family did and some still do.

Queen Elizabeth

After asking her father for months, the then 18-year-old princess was allowed to join the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service during World War II. Known with the rank of Second Subaltern Elizabeth Windsor, the future Queen put on overalls and was trained as a mechanic and truck driver in London. The Queen remains the only female member of the royal family to be drafted into the armed forces and is the only living head of state to serve during World War II.

Prince Charles

The future King of the United Kingdom studied anthropology, archeology and history and was a sophomore in Welsh history and language. In 1975 he graduated from the University of Cambridge. He then embarked on a military career with the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy.

Duchess Camilla

The second wife of Prince Charles worked as a secretary in various companies and later as a receptionist for the interior decoration company Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler. More is not known.

Prince William

Although the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was born the job of king, he has taken a civilian job: From January to December 2006, he enlisted at the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Second lieutenant form. The following year he was active in the Guard Cavalry Regiment. From January to April 2008, William completed a four-month pilot training course with the Royal Air Force. In the summer of that year he was on a frigate with the Royal Navy.

In 2009 and 2010 William completed further training, this time as a helicopter pilot, at the Defense Helicopter Flying School of the Royal Air Force. This training was followed by a service with a "Search and Rescue" unit on the island of Anglesey in Wales, which lasted from 2010 to September 2013. After that, William devoted himself to his duties as a full-time royal and family man.

Prince Harry

Like his older brother, Prince Harry also embarked on a military career. From May 2005 to April 2007 he received officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. From mid-December 2007 to the end of February 2008, Prince Harry was stationed in southern Afghanistan and took part in front-line operations there. From January 2009 until May 2010 Harry completed his training as a helicopter pilot with the British Air Force.

From July 2010 to February 2011 he continued his pilot training with the Apache attack helicopter and received the rank of captain in April 2011. In the fall of the year he went to the USA and continued training there. In 2012 he went to Afghanistan as a pilot for four months. In January 2014 he was transferred back to London, where he performed administrative duties in the British Army. His area of ​​responsibility included coordinating projects and ceremonies in London in which the guards regiments of the Household Division were involved. In June 2015, the Duke of Sussex ended his military career after more than ten years.

Duchess Meghan

It is well known that Prince Harry's wife is an actress; especially for her role as paralegal Rachel Zane in the series "Suits". Meghan has also appeared in General Hospital, CSI: NY, Fringe: Borderline Cases of the FBI and 90210. Before that, Meghan Markle studied drama and international relations at Northwestern University.

Duchess Catherine

From September 2001 to June 2005 Kate studied at the Scottish St Andrews University, graduated in art history. From 2006 to 2007 she worked part-time for the British luxury fashion chain "Jigsaw" in the children's department, according to "The Express". After that, Kate took a year off from work and spent her time traveling, among other things.
Then Kate got into "Party Pieces", again part-time. The company belongs to her parents Michael Middleton and Carole Middleton and sells party accessories such as mugs, plates, balloons, garlands etc. Kate was mainly responsible for the design and creation of the catalogs, the marketing and the photography of the products. In 2011 she got engaged to William and went full-time royal.

Prince Edward

The Queen's youngest son wanted to excel as a filmmaker - but that failed. But let's start from the beginning: In 1986 Edward began military training with the Royal Navy, but broke it off after only a third of the allotted time because the drill was too hard for him. He then worked as a production assistant for Andrew Lloyd Webber, where Edward worked on musicals such as The Phantom of the Opera, Starlight Express and Cats.

In 1987 Edward took his first foray into television: In the game show The Grand Knockout Tournament, four teams, each led by Edward himself, Princess Anne and the then married couple Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah, competed against each other for a good cause. The press tore up the show, and the Queen is said to have been "not amused". But it shouldn't be the biggest misstep.

In 1993 Edward founded the television production company Ardent Productions, which has been involved in the production of a number of documentaries and dramas. The media accused the Queen's son of using his royal relationships for financial gain, and he was ridiculed by industry experts for his lack of professionalism.

The final end brought Edward the following incident: A two-man Ardent film team is said to have tried in September 2001 to disturb the privacy of Prince William at the University of St Andrews. And this despite the fact that the palace had negotiated guidelines for William's privacy. Prince Charles is said to have been extremely angry with the TV team. In late 2001, Edward announced that he would be stepping down as Ardent's production director and general manager. Since then, Edward has primarily been in the service of the Crown.

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Andrew's wife worked as a secretary, ski hotel host and PR agent before marrying into royalty. In 2001, like her husband, she announced that she would give up her PR company and devote herself entirely to the crown and charitable activities.

Prince Andrew

The second eldest son of the Queen completed his training as a helicopter pilot with the Royal Air Force from the spring of 1979 and took part in the Falklands War while stationed on an aircraft carrier. In 2001 he ended his military career. Since then he has been committed to the royal family, especially in matters of trade and economy.

Princess Beatrice

The eldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson received her bachelor's degree in history from Goldsmith College, London. Beatrice then appeared as an actress (in 2009 she was the first British royal to appear in a non-documentary film, The Young Victoria) and worked as a research analyst for her mother's charity, Children in Crisis. The princess has also worked as an associate at Sandbridge Capital (a small investment firm) and a business development associate at Sony Pictures (internship). Beatrice currently works for Afiniti, a US technology company. According to the company's website, she is "Vice President for Partnerships and Strategy". Her father's website says Beatrice works "full time in business".

Princess Eugenie

After graduating from the University of Newscastle with a degree in history, English, literature and politics, Eugenie moved to New York in 2013. There she worked as an auction manager for the online auction company Paddle8. In July 2015, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson moved back to London to work as Associate Director for the Art GalleryHauser & Wirth to work. In 2017 she was promoted to director.

Zara and Mike Tindall

Princess Anne's daughter is not a "professional royal". However, they are usually present at official events where the royal family appears as a group. Your relationship with the Queen is considered very close. One reason may be their shared passion for horses: Zara was trained as a physiotherapist with a focus on horses at the "University of Exeter" and developed into a successful eventing rider. She celebrated her greatest triumph at the Olympic Games in her home town of London in 2012: she won the silver medal in the team standings with the British team. In addition to sports, Zara is involved in various charity organizations.
In 2003, Zara met rugby player Mike Tindall. Seven years later, the palace announces the engagement. The couple married on July 30, 2011 in Edinburgh.

Peter Philips

The eldest of the two children of Anne and her ex-husband Marc Phillips has neither the title of prince nor the title of nobility because his parents refused. Reason: Peter and his sister Zara, who was born four years later, should grow up as normally as possible. Phillips Junior studied sports science at the University of Exeter until 2000 and after graduating he worked as a manager for the luxury car manufacturer Jaguar, the racing team Williams F1 and from 2005 to 2012 for the "Royal Bank of Scotland". He then went into business for himself with a sports management company. In 2017 it was announced that Phillips would become the event director for the Magic Millions Festival of British Eventing. The three-day sporting event takes place every summer in Gatcombe Park, Princess Anne's country home.
Phillips has been married to Canadians Autumn Kelly since May 2008, whom he met on the sidelines of a Formula 1 race in Montreal in 2003. During her studies, Autumn worked as a waitress, model, extra and hostess, in 2003 as a management consultant and in 2008 as an assistant to the presenter and journalist Sir Michael Parkinson.

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