How many children did Princess Diana have

Princess Diana (†): Do you and Charles have a secret daughter?

It reads like a science fiction story, but Princess Diana and Prince Charles are said to have a daughter - at least somehow ...

Prince William, 35, and his brother Harry, 32, are known to the world as the two sons of Princess Diana († 36) and Prince Charles, 68. But the two should also have a daughter. William is said to have even visited her and to be sure that the woman, Sarah, is his sister. It is probably the most absurd rumor about Diana's 20th anniversary of death on August 31st.

This is how Diana and Charles are said to have had their daughter

And so the rumor comes about: As the "OK" reports, the child is said to have been created through artificial insemination. This is supposed to be the bizarre scenario: Diana's eggs and Charles' sperm are said to have been examined in 1981 to see whether they could father children. But instead of disposing of Diana's fertilized egg according to regulations, the attending doctor is said to have used it for his own wife! Genetically, it would really be the daughter of the British royals, even if Diana did not carry this child herself.

Prince William is said to have already met her

The US magazine "Globe" reported in 2014 about a meeting between Duchess Kate, 35, and Sarah, who is also said to be 35 years old. The mysterious meeting is said to have taken place in New York. Prince William is said to have been there and was convinced that Sarah was his sister. It is also reported that at least Charles is suspicious. With his Camilla, 69, he is said to have met Sarah in Kentucky, where she proposed a paternity test to her biological father. Recordings of this meeting are said to exist, but the British royal family will never publish them.

What is it about "Sarah-Gate"?

Although the rumors have persisted for a few years, none of the royals have officially commented on Sarah. The secret daughter herself never appeared, so there aren't even any photos of her. Sarah is said to have learned of her royal origins from her late mother's diary, as the "Daily Mail" reported in 2015. Should this daughter exist, it would be her turn to ascend the throne after Charles, William and his sons - because she carries the DNA of Diana and Charles. What is certain is that Diana was actually examined, the rest of the story is really just a story.

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