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IT jobs in the public sector: This is how we shape the public sector

IT jobs in public service: Capgemini as a long-term partner

The public sector is as diverse as Germany itself. Over 400 federal administrations deal with a wide variety of things that affect the lives of over 82 million people - including social security, financial administration and internal security. In addition, there are far more state and local administrations that play a key role in shaping Germany's progress. The IT for the public service must be correspondingly powerful.

As a long-term partner to the authorities and an all-encompassing service provider, we act as builders of the digital state. Capgemini guarantees security and reliability. We advise our customers, take care of the implementation and provide support and advice in the subsequent IT deployment. Our goal is to advance the digitization of Germany and to make the country fit for the future.

IT architect for digital transformation and more: Current vacancies at Capgemini

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Which IT projects we are promoting for the public sector

Our goal - and that of our customers - is the complete digitization of public services. The job of our IT experts is to initiate, plan, implement and then oversee the necessary IT transformations. Due to the close cooperation with our sparring partners at the customer's, teamwork and mutual trust play a major role in our day-to-day work.

Public services play a key role in the digitization of public administration and society. In the coming years, the need for innovative IT solutions for the public service, e.g. B. with authorities, again. Our projects for areas such as administration, social systems and health care offer interesting challenges - also in the future. Such as this:

In Nuremberg we developed together with the Federal Employment Agency (BA) dieSoftware ALLEGRO, which is dedicated to the processing of unemployment benefit II cases, calculates and pays out the respective benefit needs of the recipient. Our successful teamwork with the BA guarantees service recipients correct transfers every month with a total volume of several billion euros. The project consisted of three central areas: technical conception, implementation and testing. Several development teams dealt with all facets of the implementation. Smaller cross-sectional teams took care of areas such as management, technology and project support.

Capgemini helps State government of Schleswig-Holstein in the process of taking IT to a new level in the public sector and establishing the digital administration of tomorrow. Digitization experts are by no means only at home in the often mentioned metropolises of Berlin or Hamburg. In Schleswig-Holstein, too, the need is growing, for example for the development of digital solutions in agriculture or in the area of ​​e-health on remote islands. Capgemini's business analysts support our customers with strategic advice and planning, such as realigning e-government or creating a digital agenda. The mediation of media skills, new digital art and cultural areas or the realignment of business development programs through to open data and evidence-based government work are topics that our business analysts deal with in their project work. Together with Capgemini, the northern German state is developing the vision of a digital future that is profitable for all stakeholders.

Sustainability is one of the most important issues of our time. At Capgemini, our employees experience every day how business and society work together on solutions in order to take into account the usage demands of people and nature alike. This includes the Optimization of water management and flood protection, for which the Emschergenossenschaft und Lippeverband (EGLV) campaigns in North Rhine-Westphalia. In one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe, this customer takes care of combining modern water management with the return to species-rich river landscapes. At Capgemini we developed and maintained several applications for different departments of the customer. The members of the small project team are mostly generalists who switch between different roles and topics in their day-to-day work: The software engineers work on all phases of the development process from specification to software development to testing. This includes, for example, implementing a new technology in the customer's IT infrastructure, developing a new web application with JavaScript or expanding an existing one based on a Java framework.

Digitization of public administration: which IT technologies we work with in the public sector

At Capgemini, we rely on the latest technologies in our projects in the public sector - as in other industries. We design the entire IT for the public sector to be open, innovative, product-neutral, flexible and based on partnership. This is the only way to master the challenges of the digital transformation in Germany. Thanks to the intensive personnel support at Capgemini and the accompanying coaching, our employees are always up to date.

Our project teams use state-of-the-art technologies such as blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence, cloud, virtual reality and augmented reality - so we can provide our customers with a mix of custom-made standard products and open source solutions. Sophisticated analytics methods also help us decisively to lead projects to success.

Software engineer Martin Wahl reports on his entry into the ALLEGRO project with the Federal Employment Agency:

“Do authorities remind you of outdated technologies and slow processes? That's a prejudice. Rather, the project by Capgemini and the Federal Employment Agency (BA) in Nuremberg showed me how well teamwork can work thanks to state-of-the-art software and efficient process optimization. The conversations with my new colleagues were about technologies like Git, Gerrit, SonarQube, Mockito, Jira, Maven and Jenkins. It became clear to me that tools and team are working together here with a high level of quality awareness. The technology used is state-of-the-art - it has to be for a project of this size. And the fruits of our teamwork are innovative management software solutions from which millions of people in this country now benefit. "

IT jobs in public service: your entry at Capgemini

With us, even newcomers quickly get to project work. “A lot of practice” is part of our credo. You will quickly get to know Capgemini's innovative, agile approach and gain interesting insights into our strategy as a company. Depending on the project, you are directly involved in the conception, development and control of customer solutions. Our GetStartedProgram makes it possible.

Experienced mentors are always available to give you tips and support you in your project work. Thanks to our comprehensive coaching concept in the public sector, you always have an overview of new IT technologies and all possible industry developments. Regular training courses also pave your career path and prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow.

We dedicate ourselves to our eGovernment projects primarily at our locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Erfurt, Cologne and Nuremberg. This is where our largest federal, state and local customers are based. Understanding the industry and having a high affinity for technology are important for IT jobs in the public sector. Further details can be found in the respective job advertisements.