What are the benefits of junk food

Fast food - pros and cons

The middle school students are rarely to be found voluntarily in the school cafeteria. They prefer to buy fast food at the nearby food stalls. Studies show that adolescents - especially boys - consume fast food on the rise.


Professional competence
The students

  • reflect the advantages and disadvantages of fast food offerings
  • learn to make fast food offerings more nutritious

Methodological competence
The students

  • reflect on their own behavior and discuss controversially
  • apply nutritional information

Social skills
The students

  • work on different tasks together and strengthen their ability to work in a team
  • deal with the opinions of others

Didactic-methodological comment

The learning unit for grades 7 to 9 can be used in class teacher hours or project days. The aim is to talk to the students about fast food. The focus is primarily on dealing with the topic during lunch breaks and in everyday school life. It makes sense to address the topic of "eating during lunch break" in classes that use the school's own cafeteria little.

The complete didactic-methodological commentary for download:

Background information for the teacher

  • Definition of fast food
  • Does fast food make you fat?
  • Dealing with fast food
  • Too little fruit and vegetables
  • What do I like, what do I eat often?
  • Nutrient offers

The complete background information for download:

Teaching materials

Media collection

  • Planet School: Adventure Nutrition
    Various explanatory films and background information on nutrition for children from Planet Schule
  • Warm lunch - why?
    Information about lunch at school from the Bavarian School Catering Network
  • Attractive offers - "Food-to-go"
    To offer information about the idea of ​​"food-to-go" at the school
  • 5 a day at school
    Information and materials on fruit and vegetable consumption
  • National Consumption Study II
    Nationwide survey on the nutritional situation of adolescents and adults, Max Rubner Institute (MRI), 2005-2009
  • GOOD TIP 3. Fast Food: Eat on the fly
    What nutrients do the snacks from the fast food restaurant provide? Tips for delicious bread to make yourself