Have you regretted buying an Apple Watch?

Apple Watch experience report: "I regretted buying the Apple Watch" - beware of the wrong reasons for buying it

Mat Smith tested the Apple Watch for the engadget.com website. The specialty: Mat Smith reports on his experiences with the Apple Watch from the perspective of a customer who actually doesn't want to use a smartwatch.

The Apple Watch could not convince him even after the purchase. The price of the watch in particular still bothers him. However, Smith didn't necessarily have to buy a stainless steel Apple Watch with a Milanese bracelet for around $ 700. With an Apple Watch Sport, he could have saved several hundred US dollars here. On the other hand, Smith wanted to be won over by Apple's advertising slogan that "the choice of a watch is very personal" and that the appearance of a watch is just as important as the range of functions. With a device that you don't really want, every extra charge is of course particularly painful. Here you can already see his real problem in the beginning: Smith wants to have the Apple Watch, but not use it. But more on that later.

Smith has several words of praise for the Apple Watch: Compared to smartwatches with Android Wear, the Apple Watch feels much more valuable - although he actually likes the design of other watches better. Some functions, such as notifications, also convinced him. At the same time, Smith complains that the Apple Watch just doesn't "do" much. Smith spends only a fraction of his time with the Apple Watch, while the iPhone is still by far his most important mobile device. Smith attributes this, among other things, to the fact that the Apple Watch is a first-generation device - and they are not always fully developed.

Smith reveals in his article why the Apple Watch disappoints him so much. It is unclear whether he is aware of this, because he assumes that it is the clock. He himself is the problem: Mat Smith - apparently like many others - is incredibly enthusiastic about new devices and gadgets and tends to make impulse purchases. Already at the beginning of his report he hinted at this when he wrote that he bought the Apple Watch shortly after the market launch in one of the few boutiques that sold the smartwatch directly in the store, although it had not interested him until then. When trying it on, he says that he looks like an “idiot”, but that the watch “feels” good. He does not speak of functions. He also bought the Pebble Smartwatch shortly after its release. Later, however, there was little he could do with the watch - another clue to the real problem.

The Apple Watch is new and new also means exciting for a lot of people, even if they have no use for the product. As a result, Mat Smith and possibly many other Apple Watch buyers made a mistake that the second generation Apple Watch will not be able to fix: They confused “new” and “exciting” with “I want to use this device”. However, if you don't really want to use a device, you won't either. It is legitimate. However, you shouldn't complain that the device is useless, but admit to yourself that you made a bad purchase and should think carefully next time whether you just want to have the device or use it.