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Personality tests - »Which series suits me?

Who doesn't like to lie down on the couch or in bed and enjoy a few episodes of their current favorite series ... Even if it's nice to reflect on the classics and the works of your childhood always offer great entertainment, you should keep your eyes open and let's see if there's a series somewhere waiting to inspire you! In times of Amazon Prime and Netflix, you can quickly lose track of what's current or which series exactly suits your taste. So in this category you are spot on if you want to broaden your horizons.
But not only that! Here you can find out which role you play in your personal favorite series. Are you the wallflower or the daredevil? And in which of your series would you feel most comfortable. Which of these worlds and characters offers you the safest and most beautiful home? Browse through this category and get excited about new series and get very close to your favorite series! 😉

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