Is a 2 carat diamond

The surprise must have been great when the woman found out what she was wearing on her finger every day. While shopping and doing housework, the supposed costume jewelry she had bought for ten pounds at a flea market in the 1980s flashed on her hand. It wasn't until 30 years later that it was clear that it was a 26-carat diamond ring.

When the British woman got the crucial tip from a jeweler a few months ago, she brought the ring to Sotheby's auction house. The jewelry experts recognize the stone as a real diamond. Confirmation that the gemstone is more than 200 years old comes from the Gemological Institute of America in the US state of California.

The special thing about the piece of jewelery is the size of the stone, which dates from the 19th century. The diamond's value is determined by its weight of 26.27 carats, an almost white color note and a very high level of purity. According to the experts at Sotheby's, it was not customary at the time of manufacture to cut diamonds to bring out their brilliance. Therefore, it may have been recognized as not real for so long. However, the experts were unable to clarify where the valuable ring came from and how it got on the flea market.

The auction at Sotheby's on June 7th will show how much money jewelry lovers are actually willing to pay for the ring. The auction house is expected to cost up to £ 350,000.

"This is a lucky coincidence, an incredible find," said Jessica Wyndham, jewelry director at Sotheby's, in an interview with the Guardian. The owner from London, who wants to remain anonymous, wore it as costume jewelry. "It never occurred to anyone that the ring could have intrinsic value." The woman is understandably very excited. The expected proceeds are "a lot of money that will change your life. Regardless of your background".