Like traditional Chinese, fried rice is

Chinese style fried rice

  • Step 1/4

    • spring onions
    • ½ carrot
    • Eggs
    • Cutting board
    • small bowl
    • knife
    • Whisk

    Cut the spring onions into rings. Dice the carrot. Beat eggs in a small bowl. Add most of the spring onion rings and mix together. Set aside the remaining spring onions for serving.

  • Step 2/4

    Put some vegetable oil in a wok over medium heat, stir in eggs and fry.

  • Step 3/4

    • 200 grice
    • 30 mlChinese cooking wine
    • salt
    • pepper

    Add the cooked rice and diced carrots. Season with salt and pepper. Add the cooking wine and fry on the highest level.

  • Step 4/4

    Sprinkle with spring onion rings and serve. Good Appetite!