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For freelancers

The process is very simple: At the beginning there is the search for assignments and freelance jobs that match your own knowledge and qualifications. The search function in ProjectArea can be used by twago.

Apply thoughtfully to projects

Anyone who has found an interesting advertised project can apply for it with a short cover letter and a request for a fee. As with every application situation, a knack for persuasion is required with the cover letter. It is therefore advisable for freelancers or agencies to deal intensively with the advertised project. This increases the chances of winning the contract. The letter of application, the freelancer together with the Presentation of fees addressed to the client, should therefore demonstrate a certain identification with the topic of the project. If necessary, it should present experiences in working on similar projects and show why companies and freelancers are a good match. Another tip: who credentials in the form of projects that have already been implemented has a better chance of being selected in the end.

Secure payment by client

After the project has been awarded to a freelancer, the client pays the amount of the agreed fee to the twago escrow account. The service provider receives a message in the twago user area and by email as soon as the payment has been made. The fee is kept in the escrow account and automatically paid out to the freelancer after the collaboration has been concluded. With twago SafePay secure payment is thus guaranteed. The process is proven and completely free of charge.

For clients

What is the budget or the hourly rate? When should the project be completed? How should the freelancer be integrated into existing teams? The client can freely decide on all of these points. Tip: Open points can usually be clarified with the freelancers before an order is placed. To do this, clients can simply use the Chat function use in the twago user area.

Keep in touch with the freelancer

Even after a project has been awarded, changes cannot be ruled out: If there are more tasks for the freelancer, the fee and deadlines can be easily adjusted in the twago user area. The process of cooperation on twago is fully adapted to the needs of clients and freelancers. Another tip: experience has shown that a well-thought-out briefing and well-balanced contact with the freelancer lead to the best results.

Tip: Anyone who has found a great freelancer on twago can hire them again and again with just a few clicks in the user area.

Even faster: book the service immediately

Entrepreneurs who you Start the project immediately want to have on twago.de in the area Products the possibility of booking a service with one click. If you are looking for a PHP programmer, a Wordpress programmer or would like to have a logo created, you can hire a freelancer directly for these or other services. After the 1-click booking, the client is shown a list of available freelancers, from which the desired freelancer can be selected.

twago: Leading freelancer marketplace in Europe

With more than 270,000 registered experts twago is Europe's leading platform for recruiting freelancers and agencies. Founded in 2009, the twago office in Berlin currently has 25 employees from seven different countries working to make freelancing globally easier. At the moment there is twago in eleven languages or countries: Germany, Great Britain / USA, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. The contents of the various international websites are linked so that a client from Germany can also hire a freelancer from the USA or Spain.

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