What is Trump's position on weapons

US assassinations: Trump does not see a problem with the gun law

US assassinations: Trump does not see the problem with the gun law

Instead, the US President blames the Internet and the perpetrators' "mental illness" for the insane acts.

The astonishment of the US Democrats must have been great when they saw Donald Trump's Twitter message yesterday morning: The Republicans and the Democrats should now stand together and introduce "stricter background checks" for gun buyers, the US President announced. At the same time, he proposed to the Democrats to combine the tightening of the weapons law, which they had long called for, with a tightening of the immigration law. "We must not accept that the victims of El Paso and Dayton died in vain," wrote Trump.

Stricter gun law for stricter immigration rules: That could have been a domestic political coup for both political sides. But a few hours after the tweet, President Trump did not want to hear about the proposal in a speech in the White House. Trump said his country must "clearly condemn racism and fanaticism."

Instead of lax gun laws, however, he blamed the perpetrator's mental illness, the Internet and, shortly afterwards, in another tweet, the “fake news” media for the attack. "The mentally ill pulled the trigger, not the gun itself," said Trump, repeating a mantra that is often heard from those circles who do not want to tighten the US gun law under any circumstances.

Trump, a "prisoner of the gun lobby"

In the speech, Trump did not say a word about the possible deal that he wanted to make with the Democrats, which was announced early this morning. Instead, he spoke up again on Twitter that evening and wrote: "I have instructed the Department of Justice to pass a new law that guarantees that hate criminals and mass murderers receive the death penalty - and quickly."

The democratic side reacted disappointed to Trump's withdrawal. Influential Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer wrote in a statement: "The fact that the president cannot talk about guns when he talks about gun violence shows that he is a prisoner of the gun lobby."

It is time that the public put pressure on and demand a change in the gun laws, wrote Pelosi and Schumer - «for the safety of our children».