What is your most memorable chance experience

EMBA stories

How did you manage to study while working in your current job?

The biggest challenge I faced during the EMBA program was flying monthly from Dubai to Frankfurt for a year to study and work. However, the hard year at work turned out to be the most rewarding, unforgettable experience in life, one that not only had a positive effect on my private life, but also on my daily work. In my particular case, I had to use my annual leave from my company to attend the courses. Indeed, it is advisable to devote a few hours a week to studying in order to get the most benefit from your knowledge. In the end, the experience gained is all worth it!

How has the EMBA helped your career?

Immediately after completing the module Leading change I happened to take on a new leadership role at Pacific Prime. In addition to the academic knowledge, the skills I acquired during the EMBA program enabled me to develop my own leadership style and bring a positive atmosphere to my team.

What was your personal program highlight?

The Boardroom Exercise was one of the biggest highlights of the program. It was the opportunity to apply some of the skills and knowledge acquired during the program in an exciting and challenging week of classroom practice in Durham.