Can I learn strategy with video games?

Learning with computer games

Computer games are widespread and extremely popular - and still have a dubious reputation among many: Aren't they all cruel shooting games? Don't they contribute to loneliness in the nursery? Computer and video games are much more than that: They are a modern cultural asset, facilitate entry into the digital world, inspire technology and can also impart knowledge and education. Last but not least: The computer game industry has long since become a strong pillar of Germany as a location for innovation. It is not without reason that Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the computer games fair "Gamescom". "Today's gamers are tomorrow's IT professionals," she said in Cologne.

Serious games are a promising approach when it comes to conveying learning content digitally. Games are the medium of young people. They are easily accessible.

Pia Spangenberger, project manager

"Digital Media in Vocational Education"

The Federal Ministry of Education strongly supports this development. For example, the computer game “Serena Supergreen” was funded by the BMBF - as part of the “Digital Media in Vocational Education” program. It was developed by the Wissenschaftsladen Bonn, the TU Dresden and the game studio "the Good Evil". The players slip into the role of 15-year-old Serena: embedded in an exciting story, they learn to master tricky tasks. There is also extensive teaching material and information on career orientation. “Serena Supergreen” can therefore not only be played alone at home - it is particularly suitable for school lessons and extracurricular education.

Game designers, psychologists and educators together

Repairing the gearbox of a wind turbine? Get to know the function of a voltage tester? “In the game, we put technical tasks in a direct social context,” says project manager Pia Spannenberger. “We would like to make a contribution to expanding the range of careers girls can choose from”. One aspect was particularly important in the development of the game: that it is accepted by girls between the ages of 12 and 16 and that it is fun for them. “We had to develop a game that depicts the young people's world with characters they can identify with”. Game designers, psychologists, didacticians and professional educators worked together. Playtesters expressed their wishes.

As a game developer, it was important to us to involve the girls closely in creating the game.

Linda Kruse, game developer from the game studio "the Good Evil"

Free download

“Serena Supergreen” can now be downloaded free of charge from the Internet. The developers look forward to your feedback - and hope that the game will be used in many schools after the summer holidays.

The focus of "Serena Supergreen" is Serena, who wants to go on vacation with her friends Kiki and Myra. But first she has to earn some money in the mall. The aquariums in the pet store are broken, the chameleon is sitting in the dark and there is also this strange parrot: Serena has a lot to do in her new job. It has to master countless technical challenges. Thanks to constant contact in the group chat on the virtual mobile phone, the players solve the tasks together with Serena and her friends. When the three girls are finally heading for the dream beach, however, they end up on the wrong island. They almost single-handedly have to repair a wind turbine there - this is the only way to get back off the deserted island.