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#CoronaHH Senate adopts first opening steps after a significant decrease in the 7-day incidence

The consistent Hamburg course in the fight against pandemics has proven itself. The incidence has fallen significantly since the beginning of April compared to other large cities in Germany and even compared to the large states. In particular, the early introduction of an exit restriction from 9 p.m. has proven to be extremely effective. The people of Hamburg adhered to the rules in a disciplined manner and made this success possible.

In order not to jeopardize the previous success in containing the spread of infection, to support a further decline in the number of infections and to avoid a so-called yo-yo effect, which would lead to a short-term withdrawal of openings, the Senate is pursuing its consistent course to protect Life and health continued in this phase of the pandemic.

If the incidence falls below the limit of 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days for a period of five working days and the infection situation remains stable, the Senate will adjust the Hamburg Containment Ordinance and gradually lift the previously applicable restrictions in the coming weeks. In doing so, the Senate is guided by the depth of intervention of the measures as well as the objective of providing relief for children and young people in particular and ensuring consistent measures across all areas.

In a first step, which is expected to come into force on May 12, 2021, the following adjustments are planned:

  • The exit restrictions from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. will be lifted.
  • In child daycare, the return to limited regular operations is planned from May 17th.
  • Outdoor sports are again possible with up to 10 children, whereby the supervisors are subject to a test.
  • In addition, it is planned to resume alternate classes for all grades at the end of the May vacation, so that all pupils can again receive face-to-face classes by the summer vacation.
  • Extracurricular music and educational offers for children and young people as individual lessons or in small groups are again possible in connection with a compulsory test for the teaching staff.
  • The general mask requirement for accompanying persons on playgrounds is lifted. A mask is still required if the required distance of 1.5 meters is not exceeded or by order in individual cases.
  • Vaccinated and convalescent persons within the meaning of the Federal COVID-19 Protective Measures Exceptions Ordinance are treated on an equal footing with persons who tested negative on a daily basis. This has an impact, for example, when using body-friendly services or with regard to the obligation to test by employers. In addition, those exemptions from restrictions that are provided for in the COVID-19 Protective Measures Exceptions Ordinance of the federal government, which in all probability will come into force on Sunday, May 9th, will immediately apply to vaccinated and genesis patients.
  • From May 17th, museums, memorials, libraries and exhibition halls can open, combined with hygiene requirements, compulsory testing, (digital) contact tracking and area-based number of persons (as part of admission management).

In a second step, which is carried out ten to 14 days after the first step at the earliest, the following measures are planned:

  • The retail trade will be opened subject to a daily negative test for customers, (digital) contact tracking and a number of people based on the sales area.
  • The contact limit is extended to five people from two households, not including children up to 14 years of age.
  • Contact-free sport in groups is again possible outdoors with up to 10 adults, combined with a negative test.
  • Outdoor sports for children are possible with up to 20 children, whereby the supervisors are required to test.
  • Children's birthday parties for up to 10 children up to the age of 12 are again possible in private apartments.
  • The range of body-friendly services (beyond hairdressers and foot care) can be used again if the customer submits a daily negative test and the store ensures (digital) contact tracking.
  • Extracurricular educational institutions are opened, combined with compulsory testing and compliance with hygiene regulations (distances, "half" groups).
  • Offers of open child and youth work and social offers can be used again provided that hygiene regulations (distances, group size) are observed.
  • The practical driving lessons combined with the compulsory test are permitted again.
  • The mask requirement in parks and green spaces is lifted. The general obligation to wear a mask if the required distance of 1.5 m is not reached or if ordered in individual cases remains.
  • Cultural, sporting and similar events in the open air may take place - combined with hygiene requirements, booking appointments, compulsory testing, (digital) contact tracking, the number of people and fixed seating or standing. This does not apply to private celebrations.
  • In addition, selected model projects for testing cultural and sporting events indoors can be made possible.

More openings

Ten to 14 days after step 2, depending on the infection, in a third step further openings in the areas of outdoor catering, sport, culture (e.g. theater), school, university, daycare centers, child and youth welfare, social facilities, outdoor events and Contact restrictions and, subsequently, in a fourth step, further openings in the area of ​​gastronomy, hotel, accommodation and tourist offers.

The Hamburg incidence values ​​as well as the development of intensive care capacities, the R-value and the vaccination rate remain the basis for the decisions of the Senate.

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