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In earlier times it was quite normal to use hand-cast and hand-painted tin figures as the basis for strategy games. Entire collecting passions arose in this way. The so-called tabletops still exist today and they are very popular, even if they are not as well known as the classic board games.

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What are tabletop games?

The term “tabletop” is nothing more than the name for the tabletop. This term is used for a very special strategy game system. Normal table tops usually serve as the basis for the style of play. There is no ready-made board like in a parlor game. The other players build the playing field from individual products alone. These can be houses, hills, mountains and trees that can be bought in the online shop. For example, historical events or a war simulation are simulated. Even today there are many pewter figures that are used in tabletop games. The miniature games are particularly popular with collectors, some of whom even make their own figures. Figures made of paper are also often used as a counterpart to pewter. There is a large selection of different miniature figures in the miniature shop. Some of the miniature figures are based on real historical characters, but others are simply figures without any other background.

The rules of the game of simulation games

Tabletop games are not board games, but can still be combined with elements from the field. In fact, the transitions themselves are often referred to as flowing and beginners in particular use the opportunity to get started with the tabletop scene with ready-made board games. Often there is a set in which the characters as well as the basis and the rules of the game for the simulation are already available. You can use this to practice if you would like to become a tabletop player yourself but do not yet know exactly how the strategy game works and how the characters are to be used.

The rules of the game cannot be explained in just a few words, as this is a particularly complex topic. After all, it's about recreating a battle and keeping the war games as realistic as possible. Both the weapons and other war toys can be assigned different properties before the tabletop game. The systems differ significantly. Some players want to re-enact very detailed, others use the opportunity to play the role-playing game in a modified form. You can also bring your own ideas, if that's what you want.

The benchmarks for tabletop games

The miniature games for the table are available in different scales. Above all, six different scales are known and common, which are measured primarily on the figures, but also on the basics for the playing field, such as the houses and trees. These standards are:

  • Figures with 6mm
  • Figures with 10mm
  • Figures with 15mm
  • Figures with 25mm
  • Figures with 28mm
  • Figures with 32mm

A larger version in the form of 54mm is still available. However, this is used comparatively little. The details of the figures always depend on the selected miniature size.

The different systems and manufacturers at tabletop

A distinction is made between different systems in the simulation games. The figures as well as the models and accessories are offered by various manufacturers. Many adults also use the opportunity to be able to build them themselves in order to save money and to give the tabletop games a personal touch with the miniatures.

The Warhammer system is particularly well known. Here the war simulation is based on fantasy. The individual armies are put together from Fantsy models and lined up on the table. They compete against each other. Due to the science fiction part, the players have a lot of freedom with the rules. In general, the rules of the science fiction systems of tabletop games are more open than the reenactment and simulation of real wars. The best known manufacturer for the Warhammer models is the Games Workshop. But also Fearless and Magic Challenge or Urban War are among the manufacturers on the list who are particularly often represented in the miniature shop.

Another game system in tabletop games is De Bellis Magistrorum Militum. This is about a particularly broad period that begins in the time before Christ and extends into the 16th century. Games Workshop is particularly well represented with this system.

It is interesting to note that in 2004 Hasbro, a well-known manufacturer of parlor games, finally dared to enter the tabletop business as well. This was done through the Heroscape system. The 3D landscape for the battles in the war simulation is the basis of this system. The rules are kept simple and therefore the version from Hasbro is also very suitable for beginners.

Accessories for the tabletop table games

If you really want to get into the field of tabletop games, you first have to deal with the multitude of accessories that are required here. Sometimes the armies consist of more than 100 figures, which are of course available in large quantities in the miniature shop, but which can also be bought individually. So that the figures are not lost, special boxes are available for players in which they can be stored and transported. Landscaping is another accessory. Depending on the scale, there are very different bases that you can use for your games.

On the Internet, tabletop forums indicate which basic equipment is particularly suitable as a set to get started with the war simulation. Connect with experienced players here and rely on the reports of the other players. You may also want to check out the online versions of the tabletop games. In principle, you have the option of ordering the equipment in the tabletop shop or in a simple online shop. Many offers are particularly cheap, there are discontinued models and practical sets. So that the shipping is worthwhile, it is advisable to place a larger order right away.

Our conclusion on the products shown above

Is there a list of the best models for "tabletop games"?

At the moment the following products are particularly popular on Parlorgames.de and according to the criterion "popularity" in the category tabletop games test winner or best:

  • No. 1 in the test or comparison:Rackham RK50001 AT-43 table top, good
  • No. 2 in the test or comparison:Heidelberger Verlag Star Wars X-Wing, very good
  • No. 3 in the test or comparison:Heidelberger Verlag Runewars, very good
  • No. 4 in the test or comparison:Woodstock Hus Bao, very good
  • No. 5 in the test or comparison:Phalanx Games Greek, good
  • No. 6 in the test or comparison:Plastic Soldier Company WW2 Late War German Infantry, good
  • No. 7 in the test or comparison: Rolimate shuffleboard game, good
  • No. 8 in the test or comparison:Warlord Games Hail Caesar 28mm Imperial Roman Auxiliaries, good
  • No. 9 in the test or comparison:Games Workshop 99120999002 blood bowl troll figure, good
  • No. 10 in the test or comparison:Plastic Soldier Company 1 / 72nd German Pak 40 and Raupenschlepper tractor, good

What do the products cost on average?

We found prices of 100-80 euros for the tabletop games category. The average at Gesellschaftsspiele.de is therefore 58 euros. You can find all online shops and offers on the relevant product detail page.

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