Abraham Lincoln was a racist

Was Lincoln a Racist?

The best texts that appear in the New York Times on historical topics are in most cases reviews of current books - because, in contrast to Germany, the distinction between non-fiction and specialist books only exists there in a few cases, which is why a wider newspaper audience in the Enjoy the newer theses, trends and debates from historical research.

So here too: In the new publication "Lincoln and the Abolitionists" by the emeritus professor Fred Kaplan, he argues quite harshly that Lincoln was indeed in favor of the abolition of slavery, but more for moral reasons than the conviction that African-Americans are equal Rights in the United States - according to this line of argument, Lincoln would be a racist by today's standards.

Fortunately, the New York Times does not have student interns write such reviews, but rather experts. And so Eric Foner can deal with Kaplan's contribution, who won the Pulitzer Prize for History with a book about Lincoln and slavery. Foner works out precisely and nevertheless clearly legible that Kaplan is right in some places, but withholds the realpolitik orientation of the US president - a politician of the middle of the 19th century who argues with conviction and resolutely anti-racist arguments might be more sympathetic to us, but he would be now once neither became president nor could he have abolished slavery.