Why was Jesus persecuted

Why Was Jesus Crucified?

Like it or not, the cross is a symbol of Christianity. Any marketing professional would have advised the Church against it. How can one use just one execution instrument as a logo? How can one take just one symbol of violence for a religion of peace? Okay, the cross is not part of the Christian faith because of any choice for it, but because Jesus was executed on it. But did he really? And if so, why?

The symbol of the cross

Considerations about the cross are not new. Not even about how it can be that this symbol of helplessness and failure stands for Christ like no other. On the contrary: Such thoughts were even more relevant in the past than they are today. In the meantime we know the cross almost exclusively polished as a piece of jewelry and no longer in its cruelty as a gallows. But that was different in antiquity. At that time Paul stated: "That Jesus Christ died for us on the cross must seem nonsensical to all who are perishing" (1 Corinthians 1:18). The cross has always polarized.

Was Jesus Really Crucified?

This question arises. But the big questions are more about the trimmings. Was Jesus Really God? Did he actually rise from the dead? The fact that a Jew named Jesus of Nazareth was executed on the cross around the year 30 is historically well documented: The four Gospels report it in detail, as does the Roman historian Flavius ​​Josephus and many others. And since the Romans were experts in crucifying, it is more than unlikely that they crucified Jesus but that he only appeared to die. Apparently, Jesus was actually crucified.

Did Jesus die on the cross?

Hundreds of thousands of people were probably executed on the cross during the Roman Empire. So what makes a dead person - Jesus of Nazareth - so special? The Bible states that he “gave himself up as a sacrifice for our sins. He gave his life to free us from all evil that dominates the world today, and in doing so has fulfilled the will of God our Father ”(Galatians 1: 4). The special thing about Jesus' death is obviously not the way he died, but the relation to our guilt. He died to deliver us from evil. Paul emphasized this at the time. And that's what Christians emphasize today.

The cross as a sign of love

Virtually all people experience in the course of their lives that this world is not as good as it should be. And that they are not as good themselves as they could be. Many therefore set out to look for ways out, for ways to become different. But the idea of ​​changing your life on your own, of living life the way it should be, just doesn't work. And right in the middle of this hopeless situation, Jesus allows himself to be executed innocently. To underline how much he loves us. “Nobody loves his friends more than he who gives his life for them,” emphasizes the Gospel of John 15:13. At the same time, Jesus on the cross eliminates the problem of our guilt from the world. Because according to 1 Peter 2:24 he is the one "who carried our sins up to the cross in his own body so that we have now died to the sins and can live for what is right before God."

The meaning of the cross

All of this sounds like God is saying, "Because you can't do anything, I'll do it." In a way, it takes your personal bankruptcy declaration to understand the cross. Would you like to talk to someone about that first? It's clear. Gottkennen.de's e-coaches are happy to be there for you.