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Trend jobs: these jobs will soon be really in demand

New year, new luck: This also applies to job seekers or those willing to change who are hoping for an attractive new position at the beginning of the year. Trend jobs promise particularly good prospects. Great growth is expected in these industries and jobs - numerous positions will be filled accordingly. For some time now, it has been possible to identify and observe trend jobs with positive developments. We will show you which trending jobs are currently available and in which trending jobs you can look forward to good prospects in the future ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Trend jobs: prospects for employees

The coronavirus and the associated crisis has affected many industries and professions. Many employees are affected by short-time work or even layoffs. The question remains: what will happen in the future?

Despite the difficult phase, the outlook is positive - especially for trendy jobs. For years the development has been steadily increasing, the unemployment rate has never been lower. Once the crisis has been overcome and the economy has improved, this trend can continue.

Driving the job market through trendy jobs

The last few years have already shown how important trend jobs are: Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been created in the public service, education and health sector, with corporate service providers, in trading, transport, and in the manufacturing and construction industries.

Above all, there were jobs subject to social security contributions - not just mini jobs or short-term employment. Trend jobs are an important driver for the labor market and can also inspire it in the future.

Labor market: how are the sectors developing?

Of course, trend jobs and future developments can never be precisely predicted. Too many factors play a role, framework conditions can change too quickly - as last year has shown. Nevertheless, experts give regular assessments.

The Institute of the German Economy in Cologne (IW) sees (apart from Corona) a good development in recent years and German business associations are optimistic about the future. Even critical associations, such as the food industry, which makes cautious forecasts due to increasing competition and high costs, expect job growth.

Listing of the development of individual industries

In the following we have clearly listed for you which job developments are expected in the various industries:

There are likely to be fewer jobs in these branches of industry:

  • Banks
  • Mining
  • Printing industry
  • Wood processing
  • Ceramic industry
  • Paper mills
  • Savings banks
  • Insurance industry
  • Volksbanken

The number of employees is expected to remain the same in these sectors:

  • retail trade
  • Energy and water management
  • Waste management
  • Research-based pharmaceutical companies
  • Hospitality
  • Foundries
  • property
  • Investment
  • leasing
  • Leather industry
  • Aircraft and spacecraft construction
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Mineral oil processing
  • Non-ferrous metal industry
  • Paper processing
  • Steel and metal processing
  • Stone-and-earth industry
  • Magazine publishers

Trend jobs: There are more jobs here

Constant numbers already give employees security. Despite digitization and modern developments, no jobs are being cut.

It is even better when the strong economy and demand ensure that industries can create plenty of new jobs. Not only the economy is pleased about this, but above all employees and job seekers who have good opportunities here. There are currently quite a few of these trend jobs. Especially in these industries that are expecting growth:

  • Automotive industry
  • construction industry
  • Construction industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Food industry
  • Precision mechanics and optics
  • Glass industry
  • Wholesale and Foreign Trade
  • Rubber processing
  • Craft
  • Information economy
  • Plastics processing
  • Exhibition industry
  • Private broadcasting and telemedia
  • Shipbuilding and marine engineering
  • Shipping companies
  • Textile and fashion industry
  • tourism

List of current trending jobs

Old jobs disappear, new ones appear on the scene. Which trending jobs offer bright prospects? The salary portal gehalt.de has selected some trendy jobs. That's them:

Category Manager

  • job
    Category managers are strategic buyers - and in times of booming e-commerce they become more and more numerous. You are responsible for the selection and pricing of the products, for example an (online) shop. To do this, they analyze and plan product ranges, carry out market observations and say which products can increase sales. You will also help with sales channel strategy, negotiations with suppliers and pricing.
  • requirements
    A degree in business administration or a background in market research is often expected. Also good references for the application: a commercial apprenticeship or experience in a management consultancy. Without a profound understanding of numbers and analytical skills, nothing works anyway.
  • salary
    Category managers are among the higher earners. The average salary is around 60,000 euros.

Environmental technician

  • job
    Contaminated soils, littered seas and polluted air are global problems. Environmental engineers help solve these. They carry out measurements and analyzes, develop possible answers to environmental questions and provide advice. In view of its increasing importance, this trend occupation will experience even greater demand in the future.
  • requirements
    Technical schools offer further training to become a state-certified technician specializing in environmental protection. It takes two years full-time and three to four years part-time.
  • salary
    Environmental technicians in Germany earn an average of over 50,000 euros.

Hearing care professional

  • job
    Demographic change has been ringing in our ears for years. Or not, because those who age often hear poorly. Hearing care professionals help. They perform hearing tests, make and fit hearing aids, and maintain them. New technologies - for example, modern apps that can be used to make mobile calls in a noisy environment - are also expanding the field of activity.
  • requirements
    You will become a hearing care professional through a classic dual training course. Training companies usually require a secondary school leaving certificate, the training lasts three years.
  • salary
    The average salary is a gross annual salary of 34,000 euros.

BIM manager

  • job
    BIM stands for "Building Information Modeling" and is becoming increasingly important in the real estate industry. Architects or specialist planners can make changes to a digital model and make them available to everyone involved. This makes it easier to plan new buildings. The BIM manager develops a digital 3D model, optimizes processes and controls the flow of information.
  • requirements
    There is no direct training. The first universities are starting to offer suitable courses - for example as part-time studies. In order to work as a BIM manager, however, you primarily need further training in the required skills as well as professional experience in related areas.
  • salary
    A BIM manager earns around 50,000 euros on average. Deviations upwards are quite possible.

Drone pilot

  • job
    Drones are by no means a new gadget. However, you are taking on more and more professional tasks in a wide variety of industries: advertising photography, weather data, science, logistics and delivery services, including in the military sector, of course.
  • requirements
    Mechanical engineers are often used as drone pilots because they have a technological understanding. The Bundeswehr also offers its own training path to become a drone pilot. For this, however, you have to meet certain requirements and also have to be ready to be deployed not only nationwide, but possibly abroad.
  • salary
    The earnings depend heavily on the exact area of ​​responsibility. Anyone who becomes a drone pilot as a mechanical engineer can earn very well because the engineers have an average salary of 65,000 euros.

15 more trendy jobs for 2021

The LinkedIn career network has also addressed the question of which trending professions are particularly in demand. To do this, the platform analyzed the job titles of public profiles in order to compare which professions have experienced particularly strong growth. From this, conclusions can be drawn as to which jobs are currently in particularly high demand and are therefore among the most important trend occupations.

A clear finding: technical professions and the IT industry are very far ahead in the trend professions. This confirms the advancing trend of digitization in various industries. You should keep an eye on the 15 trendy jobs:

  • AI specialist
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Customer Success Specialist
  • Data protection officer
  • Human resources partner
  • Data consultant
  • Data engineer
  • Data scientist
  • IT security specialist
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Utility developer
  • Product manager digital
  • Agile coach
  • Salesforce Consultant

Trend jobs of the future

Trend jobs are already in demand, and they will become even more important in the future. Not all industries will be able to maintain the upward trend in the long term. Technology is replacing workers, demand is shifting. All the better if you decide today for a trendy job with a future.

The clichés “Something with people, something with the media or something with IT” are more than that - there are three areas that offer particularly good prospects in the future and include many trendy jobs, if you believe the predictions of the economic and labor market prophets. But also more classic industries and jobs can be found in the trend professions.

We dare to look ahead and present trendy jobs that will be even more needed and in demand in the future. Here are our 11 trendy jobs with prospects:

Content manager

  • job
    A content manager helps to create content concepts, but above all he manages the online content. Topic plan, research, creation and design of content as well as optimization of the website or online shop are the main tasks. If a company wants to run a professional website, it needs a content manager. A company blog can also be one of them.
  • requirements
    An IT degree - or one in the orbit of journalism - is ideal, but not a mandatory requirement. Training (for example to become a media designer) can also qualify. Confident handling of content management systems is a must. SEO and SEA knowledge is the free choice, technical know-how is desirable. A content manager should be familiar with image editing programs such as Photoshop, and knowledge of HTML does not hurt either.
  • salary
    When it comes to salaries, the range is wide. Depending on the company, training and activity, between 2,300 and 3,500 euros can be earned.


  • job
    The Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft sees the danger that in 15 years there will be a shortage of more than 300,000 nurses. In your job, you are responsible for the care and support of sick, old or people in need of care. In care for the elderly, you provide support with daily tasks such as eating, getting dressed or grooming yourself. In the medical field, drugs are administered, bandages are changed or small treatments are carried out.
  • requirements
    Typically, the path leads over a three-year training course, but there are also further training courses and retraining courses to meet the great demand. Getting along well with people is important, as is physical resilience.
  • salary
    A frequent point of criticism is the low salary for caregivers, which makes the profession unattractive. After the apprenticeship, the starting salary is around EUR 2,400 gross per month. It increases a little with experience. In the future, an improvement in pay and an expansion of training and further education positions should further strengthen the trend occupation.


  • job
    Preparing lessons, imparting knowledge and teaching young people something - the central topics for teachers. Depending on the respective subject, the focus is different, you orient yourself to the given curriculum.
  • requirements
    Before the trend job as a teacher comes the teacher training course, but lateral entrants are also sought. After completing your studies, the internship is a preparation period.
  • salary
    There are differences here depending on the type of school. At primary schools, teachers earn around 45,000 euros gross annually, at secondary schools it is 50,000 euros and at grammar schools 55,000 euros.

Feel good manager

  • job
    Feelgood managers have the task of creating an operational atmosphere in which all employees feel comfortable. Range of tasks: Taking care of the physical well-being at the workplace, arranging running meetings, planning health weeks, setting up parties and events, supporting employees in all matters and making them happy. Goal: Less stress and satisfied employees.
  • requirements
    A degree in psychology, sociology or business administration with a focus on human resources is desirable. Decisive for feelgood management: organizational talent, a pinch of creativity and soft skills.
  • salary
    The trend job is still young, there are few comparable figures. On average, however, you can expect around 40,000 euros gross per year.

Data scientist

  • job
    A data scientist basically takes on the tasks of an internal management consultancy. It is supposed to translate the huge amounts of data into concrete instructions for the company. To do this, he brings together data from various departments and uses it to build comprehensive analyzes and models. Preparing data, developing solutions and presenting results are important tasks.
  • requirements
    As a data scientist, you have usually completed a degree in mathematics or computer science and ideally you have chosen statistics as a major. Business mathematicians and industrial engineers are also candidates. In the meantime, there are also more courses in data science at universities, in Munich and Darmstadt, for example. Statistics tools, programming languages, and database systems are important skills.
  • salary
    With good training and in the corresponding company, you can earn 60,000 euros and more - but other positions are paid significantly less.

Mobile developer

  • job
    Mobile developers tinker with and develop apps for smartphones and tablets. A task that will not go out of style anytime soon in view of increasing smartphone sales. Apps are developed and optimized for various end devices. Interfaces for data exchange are designed, algorithms are developed and the user experience is ensured.
  • requirements
    Studying computer science is the ideal solution, but in view of the great demand, IT training is often enough. Important: As an applicant, you are familiar with software architecture, browser technology and Internet standards, and you are proficient in programming languages. Must-haves: Good school grades in math, computer science and also in physics.
  • salary
    The average annual income is between 41,000 and 61,000 euros. The same applies everywhere: The salary depends on a wide variety of factors such as work experience, employer, location and negotiating skills.

E-sports manager

  • job
    Electronic sports are not a back-room event, but a lucrative industry with a budget of millions. As an esports manager, young talents are advised and supported. It is also possible to manage your own organization in order to be successful with your own teams and players.
  • requirements
    Typical courses in management can be productive, but universities also offer targeted courses in e-sports management in order to prepare for the specifics of the industry.
  • salary
    Around 40,000 euros per year can be regarded as the average salary. With the sometimes enormous investments that are made in e-sports organizations, significantly higher sums are also conceivable.

Robotics engineer

  • job
    Where robots take over entire production processes, worker jobs are lost. But new ones also emerge in the orbit of the machines. After all, the robots first have to be developed, programmed, maintained and repaired. This is exactly where robotics engineers work. All applications related to autonomous driving are also part of the trend profession.
  • requirements
    You are well equipped with a degree in robotics or electrical engineering. Knowledge of Simatic, Java or Kuka programming is also helpful.
  • salary
    As a robotics engineer, you can work in a very lucrative, trendy job. An annual income of up to 65,000 euros is not uncommon.

Food technician / controller

  • job
    New products in the food sector have to be developed, controlled and processed before they reach the supermarket shelf. In this area of ​​responsibility, food technicians and food inspectors are on the move, working on what people will eat in the future.
  • requirements
    You have the best chances with a degree in food technology. Especially those who want to climb the career ladder will get ahead.But there is also the option of training to become a food technician.
  • salary
    The salary averages 36,000 euros a year. You can earn more with an appropriate degree.

Software developer

  • job
    Virtual reality in particular is the focus of software development. Whether health care, travel, edutainment, games - the most adventurous applications are conceivable for VR applications. Software developers are responsible for the implementation and develop the necessary programs to implement the VR experiences.
  • requirements
    Software developers are usually computer scientists who have completed an apprenticeship or a degree. Above all, you can convince with programs or projects you have already worked on yourself.
  • salary
    You earn above average in the IT industry, this also applies to software developers. The average salary is around 56,000 euros a year.

Aerospace engineers

  • job
    Working on engines for flying objects, developing new systems for optimal energy supply or further developing the equipment for airplanes and rockets - typical areas of responsibility for aerospace engineers. In the future the industry will become more and more important and the demand will increase.
  • requirements
    Most employers expect a good degree in aerospace engineering.
  • salary
    Engineers make good money, and the aerospace sector is no exception. The average salary is 60,000 euros a year.

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