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Mini projector comparison 2021

The test and comparison portal from BILD.de presents you with the best mini projectors.

Mini projector, also as a Pocket projectors or pocket projectors known, are enjoying increasing popularity due to their compact dimensions and portability. For example, you can comfortably for presentations in business or in home theater can be used.

In our mini projector comparison we clarify which features such a device should have and which aspects you should consider if you want to buy a mini projector. You can also find out what kind of screen you need for the projection and which mini-projectors performed particularly well in tests.

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Purchase advice: How to find the right product in our mini projector comparison 2021

the essentials in brief
  • A mini projector has compared to a large projector very compact dimensionswithout the user having to forego good performance. Mini projectors can therefore replace larger devices in the meantime.
  • Current mini projectors are convincing in tests with good contrast and brightness values. Even small rooms can be transformed into a home theater with them.
  • The prices for mini projectors start at less than 100 euros. However, around 500 euros should be budgeted for really powerful devices.

If you want to buy a projector, you have it Choice between floor-standing unitswhich are primarily suitable for stationary use, and mini projectorswhich, thanks to their small dimensions, can also be used on the go. Before making a purchase, you should therefore narrow down what you will use the projector for most often, as the large devices still stand out from the small models in terms of their performance.

If you have decided on a mini projector, limit the selection in terms of features. The most expensive device doesn't have to the best mini projector for your purposes be. A cheap mini-projector is often enough for the planned projects. In addition, it is worth looking at the dimensions of the case. Some mini projectors are shaped like a cube, others are flat and no bigger than an adult's hand.

1. What is the difference between mini projectors and large projection devices?

The main difference between mini projectors and conventional devices is their size. Due to their small housing dimensions, they can be easily transported in the briefcase and are therefore also popular in business. There are also many mini projectors equipped with a rechargeable battery nothing stands in the way of use at any location. However, the light output is often different. Here, however, the manufacturers are catching up and some mini projectors can already compete with their larger relatives.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of mini projectors compared to conventional projectors?

  • small dimensions
  • small weight
  • mostly quieter operating noises
  • Connection with smartphone or tablet possible
  • Power consumption with battery is smaller
  • Mini projectors with high resolutions are more expensive
  • there are often no setting options for image sharpness
  • The operating time can be limited by the battery capacity
  • often fewer connection options

3. Purchase advice: Which features should you look out for when buying a mini projector?

3.1. resolution

The higher the resolution that a mini projector can achieve, the better the image quality. At low resolutions, it must be expected that projected images and videos will look pixelated. Good mini-projectors now reach a resolution of 1,280 x 720p or even 1,920 x 1,080p like large full HD projectors. If the mini projector has a resolution of only 800 x 480p, the reproduction is only satisfactory with a small screen diagonal.

Danger: Also pay attention to which resolution the mini beamer supports for the signal input, because no device can output content in a better resolution than it can record.

3.2. brightness

This is what we mean by ANSI lumens

The unit ANSI lumen, often just called lumen for short, describes the light intensity of a projector. The higher the lumen value, the brighter the projector lamp shines. A mini projector with 2000 to 3000 lumens projects content satisfactorily even in normally bright rooms.

While rooms for playback with projectors had to be darkened a few years ago, as they had a maximum of 500 ANSI lumens, today there are hardly any models with less than 1200 lumens even with mini-projectors. Choose one Model with values ​​from 2000 lumens, if you also want to use the projector in daylight.

3.3. power supply

Most mini projectors are supplied with the necessary operating energy via a rechargeable battery. There can be big differences in the battery capacity. A battery with approx 6,000 mAh can last for up to five hours of operation, whereby the time is often shortened with a brighter lamp. We recommend mini projectors with which the battery is charged via USB or to which a power supply unit can be connected.

3.4. connections

Although mini-projectors usually have fewer connections compared to their larger relatives, make sure that there are at least one connector for HDMI gives. Then the mini projector can be connected to a media stick, such as the Fire TV from Amazon, or to a player via cable, and you can use it to watch TV programs and films from various services. Higher-priced pocket projectors can easily be connected to a smartphone, computer or tablet PC via WLAN or Bluetooth.

3.5. Sound output

Some have mini projectors for the output of speech, music and noises loudspeakers on board. However, due to the small size of the case and the type of speakers, you shouldn't expect too much here. If you want satisfactory speakers, choose a slightly larger but portable projector, such as the Nebula Mars II projector from Anker, which has integrated speakers with an output of 10 watts.

3.6. Scope of delivery and other features

Some mini projectors come with a tripod and a bag. However, this should not be the only criterion for the purchase, because the resolution, the brightness and the battery life are more important. Mini projectors that either have a Remote control or over a App on the smartphone can be controlled. A bag, the most important cables and an understandable operating manual round off a good scope of delivery.

4. What different types of mini-projector do mini-projector tests examine?

Mini projectors can be divided into different categories. Are currently in trade LED projectors, DLP projectors, LCD projectors and laser projectors available. A classification according to the resolution, for example a full HD projector, is rather unusual.

Tip: With an LED or a laser projector you can save in the long run, as these devices consume the least amount of electricity.

5. Were mini projectors tested in the Stiftung Warentest test?

The Stiftung Warentest regularly checks technical devices for the reproduction of video and audio with regard to their benefits, properties and user-friendliness. In general, mini-projectors have not yet been compared, so that there is no mini-projector test winner here either, but the testers put the Pocket Cinema, a mini-projector from Aiptek, under the microscope in a quick test.

This mini projector was able to convince in the test with its small housing and internal memory, but unfortunately the brightness does not come close to that of conventional projectors. However, due to the further development of technology, newer devices should have caught up long ago and deliver better quality.

6. Which manufacturers produce mini projectors?

Many companies that manufacture conventional projectors also manufacture Mini-projectors, which are in many online shops and for example also in MediaMarkt in Germany as well as Austria and at Saturn can be purchased. There are also many brands from unknown manufacturers on the market. These do not necessarily have to be of a poorer quality than the products of the established brand manufacturers, but can often be purchased for much less money. Well-known and popular manufacturers of mini projectors in 2021 are:

  • Acer
  • Aiptek
  • Apeman
  • Asus
  • BenQ
  • LG
  • Optoma
  • Philips
  • Sony

7. Are there any interesting questions from customers about mini projectors?

7.1. Which screen is suitable for projection with mini projectors?

In principle, any screen that is intended for large projectors can also be used to display content with mini projectors. The finer a canvas, the better the image quality. Other smooth surfaces or walls are only suitable to a limited extent due to their nature. Color deviations, rough surfaces or other things can disrupt the presentation of the reproduced content.

7.2. Are mini projectors suitable for use in motorhomes?

Since mini projectors are specially designed for projections over short distances of around one to two meters, they are suitable good for use in a motor home. The manufacturer usually specifies the best distance for a projector in the operating instructions. As a rule, there will be a distance of between one to two meters between the screen and the mini-projector in a mobile home.

7.3. How can you connect a mini projector to the mobile phone?

Depending on their connections and modules, mini projectors Connected to the mobile phone via USB, WiFi or Bluetooth become. When purchasing, select which options your new mini projector should have. The same connection types apply to the iPhone or a tablet. Films or pictures can then be transferred directly from the mobile device to the projector.

7.4. Are mini projectors suitable for gaming?

If the projector has a very good resolution and connections for connecting to an Xbox or PS4, it can also be used for gaming. For games that require a short response time, however, is probably a powerful gaming monitor the better choice. When the game scenes are transmitted via the projector, there may be time delays that affect the enjoyment of the game.

Stiftung Warentest says about our comparison winner

Does the mini projector comparison provide an overview of the entire range of manufacturers in the mini projector category?

We attach great importance to providing an overview of the entire range of the mini-projector range in our mini-projector comparison. That is why you will find mini projectors from 8 different manufacturers with us. More information "

What does the most expensive mini projector cost, which is taken into account in the comparison?

The most expensive mini projector from our comparison costs around 517 euros and has convincing product features. If you value high quality, you should also take a look at our comparison winner Phillips PicoPix Nano for around 139 euros. More information "

Which mini-projector from the product comparison has so far prompted most customers to write a review?

The Viewsonic M1 mini is the mini projector in the product comparison, which motivated most customers to leave a review: The total of approx. 3,000 customer voices can help to get a differentiated picture of the product. More information "

How often was the editorial team able to give a mini projector from the product comparison the top grade "VERY GOOD"?

According to the strict criteria of our editorial team, the best possible rating "VERY GOOD" in the product comparison in the mini projector category was given to exactly one mini projector: The Phillips PicoPix Nano has excellent product properties. More information "

Mini-projector in the test or comparison - all products at a glance

modelResolution (native)Display technologyOrder a mini projector
Phillips PicoPix Nano (comparison winner)+DLPTo Amazon
To eBay
Viewsonic M1 mini ++LEDTo Amazon
To eBay
APEMAN Mini Beamer 2021++DLPTo Amazon
To eBay
Podoor T1-0511++DLPTo Amazon
To eBay
Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector +++LEDTo Amazon
To eBay
APEMAN LC450 (price-performance winner)++LEDTo Amazon
To eBay
Vamvo YG300+LEDTo Amazon
To eBay
BenQ GS2 LED projector+++LEDTo Amazon
To eBay
Artlii Octopus Small Beamer-LEDTo Amazon
To eBay
BenQ GV1++LEDTo Amazon
To eBay

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