What are some Chinese herbal medicines


Chinese herbal medicine

The drugs in Chinese medicine are an individual combination of various medicinal herbs, minerals and animal substances, tailored to the symptoms of the individual patient. These are specially formulated for the patient as decoctions (teas) or as powder / granules or in the form of capsules / tablets and then prepared by the patient himself in the traditional variant in a cooking process. In a time-saving variant, granulates made from herbs are mixed with hot water. In the “current, very time-saving variant”, the herbs are processed into pellets and then taken like normal medication with a sip of water.

Chinese Herbal Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Chinese herbal medicine mainly uses parts of plants (roots, bark, flowers and leaves), but also minerals and some animal products. All of them have proven their healing properties in over two thousand years of use. Today, of course, species protection is taken into account. We generally do not use protected species from the animal and plant kingdom. On our special page on Chinese herbal therapy / herbal medicine www.chinesische-kraeutertherapie.de you will find a compilation of the 60 most important recipes for Chinese medicinal therapy.

A principle of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is the recognition that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Therefore, individual herbs and substances are usually combined with one another. Each patient receives a drug recipe that is individually tailored to him and his illness situation.

Insight into Chinese medicine - focus on Chinese medicinal herbs

For which complaints can Chinese herbal medicine drug therapy be helpful?

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats both acute and chronic diseases with Chinese Medicines / Chinese Herbal Medicine. In principle, there is no restriction on the applicability of Chinese drug therapy to certain diseases. As in western conventional medicine, Chinese medicine has a herb against almost every disease. However, it depends on the severity and chronicity of the disease how quickly Chinese medicines bring about noticeable improvement or healing for the patient. The following list identifies common diseases that respond very well to Chinese drug therapy. In connection with other healing methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) such as acupuncture.

However, this list does not claim to be complete. Because diseases not mentioned here can also be treated with Chinese medicines. In special cases, please ask your therapist.

Gastric and intestinal diseases: Irritable stomach, irritable bowel, gastritis, colitis, Crohn's disease

Respiratory diseases: Asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis

Skin diseases: Eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, acne

Gynecological diseases: Menstrual problems, infertility, cysts, fibroids,
Pregnancy problems, climatic complaints

Urogenital diseases: Impotence, prostatitis, infertility

Teething problems: Skin diseases, bed-wetting, hyperactivity, digestive system diseases

Infectious diseases: Colds, bronchitis, diarrhea, acute and chronic bladder infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, concomitant symptoms of HIV

Other diseases: Insomnia, migraines, dizziness, tinnitus, stress-related complaints, depression, rheumatism, conjunctivitis, all kinds of allergies, circulatory disorders, injuries

Who Can Take Chinese Medicines / Herbs?

Chinese herbs can be consumed at any age.

The therapists adjust the dose of the recipe to the age and lifestyle of the patient. Children are often given granules to dissolve in water because they are easier to administer. The dosage depends on the body weight.

How does the therapist diagnose and treat?

The therapist takes the anamnesis according to the criteria of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and assesses the symptoms and the condition of the patient. The evaluation of the pulse and tongue are important diagnostic tools. But facial signs and peculiarities on the ear surface are also taken into account. The treatment is precisely tailored to the individual. The recipe is usually composed of several ingredients / herbs, whereby these complement and support each other in their effects. Individual herbs are rarely used, e.g. the well-known ginger recipe consisting of 2 slices of ginger, 1 tablespoon of linden honey and 0.3 l of hot water at the onset of colds.

How long and in what form are the medicines / herbs taken?

Traditionally, Chinese medicines are taken in the form of teas or decoctions, that is, the mixed medicines / herbs are boiled in water for 30 minutes or more (or, in the case of granules, dissolved in hot water, which saves time). Chinese medicines / herbs are also prescribed as ready mixes in the form of concentrated extracts, powders and pills.

The patient receives detailed instructions on how to prepare and take the herbs from their practitioner.

The decoctions or ready mixes are taken daily. Treatment usually lasts from a week to several months, depending on the severity and duration of the illness.

The patient is checked regularly to ensure that the chosen herb formulation remains effective. Of course, the composition of the recipe is adapted to the recovery process.

Are Chinese Medicines / Herbs Safe?

Chinese medicines are a possible way out of the disease if their prescription is in the hands of competent practitioners. Only they can put together the right recipe after a precise diagnosis. The practitioners are familiar with the various medicinal products and ready-made preparations that are available on the market and, thanks to their qualified training, are able to make a suitable selection.

ATTENTION: We strongly advise against self-medication. This even applies to herbs that have become so popular as ginseng. Practicing Chinese drug therapy requires extensive studies and many years of experience. Since most of the Chinese medicines can be bought over the counter and there are no regulations to exclude unqualified practitioners from the prescription, you should find out about the qualifications of your therapist and your pharmacy.

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