What are the funniest Facebook post comments


Facebook is a great thing. You keep in touch with friends and acquaintances who you hardly ever notice because they live far away or a meeting never takes place. Comrades who have long since disappeared from school are also found for making contact. Facebook provides very good information about what the people you know are doing. Of course, this requires the FB friends' urge to communicate ...

And this is where the problem begins: For many, it is not enough just to post interesting finds from the Internet, to write that they are now on vacation, to ask whether someone would like to go to the concert or the old television that you would otherwise dispose of. Facebook has become the big stage for many self-promoters who thirst for attention. But even that would certainly cause smiles and amusing amazement under the aspect of "social study".

All the categories of Facebook friends listed in the gallery would not be so annoying if the mentioned posts only appeared from time to time; but please do not repeat it over and over again. So it is essential that a high percentage of FB friends end up on the so-called blacklist. The annoying posts from these friends are hidden in the news.

It's very easy: Click on the arrow at the top right of a post and then on "friend no longer subscribe ". They are still friends, but you are spared his postings. And best of all, this genre is spared from your own messages, after all, you don't want to bore these" friends ".

You can find the most annoying Facebook friends in the gallery below. The different genres of friends only reflect the experience and opinion of the author:

  1. Posers, successful types, commenters, checkers & Co.
    The social network Facebook is ubiquitous. There are hardly any friends, acquaintances or colleagues who do not reveal their experiences and more there. But many overdo it - this leads to various forms of annoying Facebook friends.
  2. Chief liker
    A boring post or a provocative statement remains without any like or comment for hours and often days. But the boss hardly likes the entry when this class of friends also likes it. They want to show the boss that you are in line.
  3. Comment rascal
    Cryptic entries like "Moved" or "Done" say everything and nothing. It is deliberately written in such a way that one catches inquiring comments instead of posting understandable plain text about what it is about.
  4. Strategic position
    Are you wondering if a friend who is constantly posting all sorts of nonsense crap suddenly only sends out really interesting reports, mostly with business benefits as well? Then take a look at his friends list: if the boss or even the managing director suddenly appears, you have the answer.
  5. Vacation spammers
    You treat everyone to their vacation and are also happy about "a" picture from the distant land. So you know where the "friend" is and everything is fine. But if you post oh-so-beautiful holiday pictures with bright sunshine and what you are doing great for a week or two every day and often several times, the nerve factor radically sinks in your reputation.
  6. Injury Detector
    Chasing attention, even if it triggers gagging in the viewer. Doesn't this class of FB friends have any real friends or partners who care for wounds or go to the hospital? Or why does someone get the idea to photograph their gaping wound, fresh scar, torn fingernail, swollen and bent joints and then post it too? Nobody wants to see that, at most a special forum for doctors.
  7. Embryo poster
    When it comes to the offspring, we find various types of annoying FB friends. Let's start with those who are about to post a photo of the pregnancy test; probably before the producer finds out. Posting the first ultrasound images is also popular, followed by the obligatory recordings of the baby bump; gladly with a ventilated T-shirt, because the belly is so beautiful. There are even parents who set up an FB account for the unborn child and report the child. Ill.
  8. Baby spammers
    It continues with the photo of the wrinkled newborn baby out of the hospital and it just doesn't stop with baby pictures ... Apart from the fact that there are some things that you just don't want to see, you should somehow take care of your child's privacy. Or do you want someone to publish unfavorable pictures of you without asking?
  9. I'll-never-do-this-baby poster
    There are also friends who always said they would never show their offspring on Facebook, but then the picture of the baby comes because it's just so great ... And once the spell is broken, we see a lot more of these great ones Images. Which brings us to the next breed of annoying Facebook friends ...
  10. My-child-is-the-greatest-and-so-intelligent-communicator
    Einstein would be amazed at what children say for clever and profound sentences after a few years of life experience ... And the parents who have inherited the wisdom genes, of course, regularly post new clever sayings from the offspring - a picture of the offspring should not be missing.
  11. Children's art boasters
    It is also popular to post works of art that the youngsters have created. So you regularly see creepy painted pictures, misshapen baked cookies or other useless stuff. But of course you can't comment on it like that ... best to ignore it.
  12. The lovers
    “That was just given to me by the greatest woman in the world” or “Sweetheart, I love you and more every day”; you will be spared any more troubles. It's nice to be in love, but please, these pompous sayings should remain private.
  13. The lovers
    Also saves us those constant kiss, hand-holding and love photos. Nobody really cares and the real friends get the love happiness even without Facebook.
  14. Spammers
    With this class of FB friends, one can only hope that they are never in love, otherwise they will run into high gear. Sometimes a saying goes well with a situation, but please don't annoy with constant posting of any sayings, quotes or wisdom. What actually prompts someone to constantly search for something on some saying websites and then drop it off on Facebook? Is there nothing else to say? Yes, it's a good thing!
  15. Do-gooders
    "Why does the silent Facebook majority not join in here?", "I would ask all friends to also sign the petition" or "Everyone has to join in" and "Sign now" - yes, of course, we all have exactly your view of the world and of course support all these ideals. If you then ask your do-do-better friend what happened to the petition or how the demo was, yes, it usually gets quiet. But the main thing is to play the noble do-gooder.
  16. Radical vegetarians
    This specialized genre of do-gooders wants to convert one to a vegetarian or a vegan by constantly posting pictures and videos about factory farming and tortured animals. Nobody has anything against species-appropriate animal husbandry and free-range chickens, but I won't let anyone forbid my tartare - it is also prepared with organic egg.
  17. Food poser
    At dinner in a restaurant, do you increasingly see people taking photos of each course before the tasting begins? Then you are glad not to have this genre as an FB friend, otherwise you would see every course again. If you can afford such a great and expensive meal, then please expect a few likes!
  18. Food poser
    The same applies, of course, to postings of self-prepared food, which of course is always very special - you have to show what you can do. Simply enjoying the prepared meal in terms of taste is probably no longer enough for these posers.
  19. Check-in
    There are friends who check in at the butcher's every day, others in the supermarket or office. But actually this FB category checks in wherever it is. So that you can see how active your "friend" is and what a great, varied life he or she is leading.
  20. Check-in
    Checked in again in the expensive restaurant, then in the opera and of course in the P1 club. What kind of boring life does one have ... Or is it? There should even be check-ins who only stand at the door of the great places or not even that; you don't have to be on Facebook to check in ...
  21. Game inviter
    No, nobody cares about Bubble Witch, Candy Crush, Puffy Pop or any other kid's stuff. How many apps do you have to block? Finally stop those annoying game invitations.
  22. Fitness freaks
    It's amazing what kind of fit people there are, they run 10 km every day and you can also see where they run every evening - that's runtastic! If you weren't indifferent, you would immediately feel bad on the couch at home after work. So, since no one is interested, please only record these data, which are of interest to the fitness enthusiast, for yourself; and not for all FB friends.
  23. Success types
    Always on the go in great places around the world with selfies, of course, check-in in the business lounges of the airports, the shopping results from Milan are illustrated, grinning with satisfaction while sitting in expensive vehicles and at least three times a week you can dine in the elegant restaurant - after all, you can Afford. This genre wants to force envy and admiration out of it all.
  24. Success types
    However, real successful types do not need this posing on Facebook. So are some of them unsuccessful and looking for something like success through likes and admiring comments? Yes.
  25. The yawns
    Finally, there are still friends who have neither something to say nor something to experience. This genus should leave it at that. But no, pictures of boring meadows, lakes or mountain hills are posted. With a little luck, there will be a grazing cow in the photo or a bird flies through the picture - at least this will bring some dynamism to the scenery. But if you are not already tired, when you look at these postings you are guaranteed to be. There is also no point in thinking desperately all day about what to post on Facebook; it will not get better. So please just leave it. Read a book, go for a walk or surf on Computerwoche.de, TecChannel.de, CIO.de and ChannelPartner.de - that makes more sense!

The postings and pictures are only used to demonstrate the annoying FB categories and were created especially for this.