Which vegetables help detox?

Purification through eating

Adequate hydration should be ensured during a detox cure. (Photo by: Wavebreakmedia / Depositphotos)

Purification through eating

With a purification should Toxinsthat are deposited in the body in the course of life, be eliminated. These toxins are deposited in the internal organs, especially in the digestive organs such as the liver and intestines.

Detox can be done in many different ways. However, the term is often associated with methods such as therapeutic fasting.

How does “detox” work?

By consuming certain foods, the waste products are loosened during the purification process and finally flushed out of the body.

First, the inclusion of Enzymes and minerals by consuming more vegetables and fresh foods and Herbal teas drink.

The slag is dissolved by absorbing certain herbal elixirs and organic acids. This process can go through Infrared treatments and a bioelectrical muscle stimulation be supported as well as by a lot Move.

The slag is flushed out by alkaline baths. Energy-rich water that contains only a few minerals can also play its part, as can herbal teas and plant elixirs.

Dehydrating foods


Asparagus is low in calories and rich in important ingredients. (Photo by: fotovincek / Depositphotos)

asparagus is a particularly detoxifying food. As a rule, the asparagus season begins in mid-April, depending on the weather. It traditionally ends automatically on St. John's Day (June 24th), although in recent years more and more tendencies have been towards artificially lengthening the period.

Asparagus is a low-calorie food and can therefore be consumed in large quantities without any problems.

For a detox with asparagus, you should eat at least ten stalks a day. It has a strong diuretic effect and in this way flushes the stored toxins out of the body.


whey is also good for detoxification. It is a residual product that arises during the production of cheese. It has a high water content of 94 percent and contains hardly any fat, but a lot of protein, minerals, vitamins and lactose.

Whey is able to support the intestinal bacteria and thus helps digestion. By consuming whey regularly, waste can be eliminated more easily.


Also vinegar purifies. This is also the reason for the great success of the apple cider vinegar regimen. Every morning two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar are added to a glass of water and then drunk. If you prefer, you can use the vinegar as an alternative to seasoning a salad.

The apple cider vinegar activates the internal organs and supports them in loosening and flushing out the stored waste products.


Many know the rice diet as a classic wedding diet. For days, people mainly eat unsalted whole grain rice, which is combined with certain foods in order to have a little variety.

The rice drains the entire body and so also flushes out slag. To prevent deficiency symptoms, you can combine the rice with other vegetables or fruits every day. Salt must not be used so that the detoxifying effect occurs. Therefore, a detox with rice should also only limited because the body absolutely needs salt in order to be able to maintain its functions.


Pineapple is a healthy fruit that can aid in dehydration, purification, and weight loss. (Photo by: CITAlliance / Depositphotos)

pineapple have an extremely draining effect and are also delicious. Due to the high water loss, toxins are flushed out of the body, but there is also a shortage of important nutrients and vitamins very quickly.

Therefore, a purification cure with the pineapple should not be carried out for longer than two to three days, otherwise serious health problems could arise.

The high water loss should also always be caused by a increased fluid intake be balanced.

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