Can a queen make her husband king

Is there a reason a queen's husband isn't called a king?

There are two types of queens. A consort is a king's wife. A queen regnant is a ruler herself, a "queen" of yours.

According to the above, the husband of a wife is only the king. But the husband of a queen regnant is a prince consort. "Prince" is one step below King and the title of Consort is below that of Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II is a Queen Regnant who inherited the title from her father, King George VI, and therefore her husband Philip is a Prince Consort.

There are instances when the King of Country A marries the Queen Regnant of Country B (e.g. King Philip of Spain and Queen Mary of England). Then the husband is commonly referred to as "king" because he is what he is himself country (A). But he is really a "Prince Consort" in Country B.

There is also something called a crown marriage, in which a queen regnant gives her husband "equal" (royal) powers through her marriage (marriage). The Swedish Queen Ulrike Eleonora did this in the 18th century. But this is rare and de facto a form of "abdication".

Felix Goldberg

Why is it abdication instead of sharing sovereignty? (Like Mary and William).

Mark C. Wallace ♦

I thought when Mary came to the throne she was playing a variation on the Crown Matrimonial; You and William were co-rulers.

Tom Au

"Parliament ... wanted the throne to be the sole possession of Mary, with William serving as the Prince Consort, but Mary refused because of her self-imposed submission to her husband."


Mary had the better claim, and many of the politicians wanted to offer her the crown themselves. William had no intention of being a prince consort and threatened to return to Holland. Mary also refused to accept sole rule as a dutiful woman. So they took the crown together, with executive power invested in William - both of them ruled , ruled William.

John Dallman

In the UK, Prince Consort is a specific title bestowed only once on Albert, Victoria's husband, 17 years after they were married. Prince Phillip is a Prince of Great Britain, but only because he received that title in 1957. He was born the Prince of Greece and Denmark, but gave up those titles before his engagement to Elizabeth. So he is a prince and Elizabeth's consort, but not a prince consort.