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Situation in Singapore - entry restrictions and quarantine measures

Entry into Singapore is still subject to severe restrictions.

Transit is currently only possible on selected routes operated by Singapore Airlines Group, Lufthansa, Air France, KLM and Swiss, among others. Please check directly with your airline to determine whether they have the necessary authorization to travel through Singapore Changi Airport as a transit passenger.

Since November 17, 2020, all travelers, with the exception of Singapore citizens and permanent residents, must present a negative COVID-19 PCR test when entering Singapore. This test must not be older than 72 hours at the time of departure. The test result must be in English and created by a recognized laboratory. It must contain the following information: the date of the test and information about the traveler as stated in the passport (name, date of birth, nationality and passport number).

Permanent residents are allowed to enter the country.

Germans with a long-term residence permit (long-term passes) can in principle return to Singapore if they are currently abroad. But:
1) On May 7th, 2021, the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) announced that it would not accept any new applications for re-entry permits from people with long-term residence permits.
It was also announced that re-entry permits that have already been issued will be withdrawn in part, probably until July 5th, 2021. Employees in essential work areas are excluded.

You can find more information on the MoM website.

2) You need one for re-entry Approval: for the holders of Employment Passes, S Passes and Work Permits (and their family members or dependants) this approval comes from the Ministry of Manpower, for students (holders of Student Passes) it has to be obtained through the university and comes from the Ministry of Education, and for all others (holders of Long-Term Visit Passes) the approval comes directly from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority. The application can currently be submitted at the earliest 60 days before the planned entry into Singapore.

Very important: try definitely not to enter without the permit. In those cases in which it has been attempted, this has resulted in the revocation of the work permit, a very short-term expulsion and a permanent oneRe-entry ban and the employer is usually banned from hiring new foreign workers over a longer period of time.

In addition, all travelers who are granted entry are required to submit a Health declaration to submit. This can be submitted in advance via the app available on the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Authority website or via a website: Health declaration

3)Quarantine: From May 8th, 2021, arriving travelers with a previous stay (including transit) in Germany on one of the last consecutive 21 days before their entry, must submit their 21-day “Stay-Home Notice” (SHN) in a special, chargeable SHN - Dedicated facilities. The measures are continuously reviewed by the Singaporean government.

The costs for this are to be borne by yourself and amount to S $ 3000. In addition, two corona tests for S $ 200 each must be carried out during and before the end of the quarantine.

If you are entering from or staying in a country other than Germany within the last 21 days, please inquire about the currently valid regulations on the "Safe Travel" website.

If you are in Singapore with a long-term residence permit, but e.g. for a business trip or vacation to Europe and then want to return, please also consider the following: Singapore has one general travel warning before any trip abroad, regardless of the purpose of the trip and its urgency. The Singaporean authorities underline that they are serious about this travel warning, and in two ways: They have made it clear that a holder of a long-term residence permit who is traveling abroad after this general travel warning has been announced, first no priority whatsoever when issuing the return permit has (on the contrary) and secondly, if he can return, but shows symptoms of Covid 19 disease within 14 days of return, the then required medical Pay the full treatment yourself got to. This regulation applies to Singaporeans, permanent residents and foreign long-term residence permit holders alike. The quarantine regulations described above apply to all of them.

Germans living in Singapore and their relatives in the relevant stay categories should continue to refrain from traveling abroad if possible. In the case of urgently needed trips, these should only be carried out if possibly during the stay abroad Long-term delays in the approval of the return journey and those caused by the restrictions, including the quarantine and health measures, as well as the Travel warning issued by the Singaporean government and the threatening consequences can be accepted.

The German Embassy, ​​together with the other EU representations and international partners, is in constant contact with the responsible Singaporean authorities and is working towards further facilitating travel.
Current assessments of the coronavirus (Covid-19) situation can be found on the website of the Singapore Ministry of Health: Ministry of Health

You can also obtain the latest information on entry restrictions from the Singapore Immigration Service: Immigration and Checkpoint Authority

All Germans staying in Singapore and their family members can enter themselves in the crisis prevention list here: Crisis prevention list

Behavioral advice and measures by the Singaporean authorities

The measures will be tightened from May 16, 2021. Due to the increased number of infections in Singapore, only 2 people are allowed to come together or be received at home. Some facilities, including fitness studios, will initially be closed until May 31, 2021.

Please visit the Singapore government website and the Ministry of Health website for more details and information

However, one of the most decisive measures continues to be the involvement of each individual by wearing the mask, observing the rules for social distancing and applying the easily implemented hygiene and behavioral rules.

If the number of new infections increases again, the measures can be tightened at any time.

'Green Lane' for travel between Singapore and Germany

In view of the pandemic situation in Germany, the Singapore government announced on February 1, 2021 that it would initially suspend the Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) with Germany for three months. So far, Singapore has not made a decision to repeal.

The AHK Singapore issues the required “Safe Travel Pass” for business trips from Singapore to Germany.

Website of the AHK Singapore (Singaporean-German Chamber of Commerce):

Website of the Immigration and Customs Authority of Singapore: