What is a good diet for teenagers

Losing weight during puberty - this is how you can help your child

At puberty the child is still growing, should one think about losing weight? On top of that, parents find it difficult to make dietary prescriptions. But now every fifth child in Germany is overweight!

If we do not learn as children and adolescents to achieve and maintain normal weight, it usually becomes all the more difficult in adulthood. A low quality of life, poor wellbeing and health problems can be the result.

Here's how you can help your child lose weight during puberty.

Living the right way of life as a parent to support weight loss through puberty

Above all, children pay attention to what people do around them. And so it is much more important for parents to model a healthy lifestyle than to dictate to the children.

First, talk openly about it with your child and try to find out what could be the causes of obesity. Boredom, frustration, problems at school or stress with friends can be non-illness-related triggers.

Eliminate the cause together with your child and then start a better life together through a balanced diet and more exercise.

Losing weight during puberty only works with a healthy diet

The ideal weight for a child is rather a feel-good weight. So forget about counting calories, daily weight on the scales and diets. It can be lost during puberty by simple measures without having to forego enjoyment and taste.

Control creates back pressure. Forcing the child to diet could only make the problem worse. It makes much more sense to offer alternatives that automatically create a healthier lifestyle.

5 tips for "losing weight during puberty"

Lose weight through fun and games

It is difficult to compete with the TV and the mobile phone, but there are many alternatives to offer the child fun and active entertainment:

  • sports clubs
  • Sports groups in school
  • to go swimming
  • A walk together before or after dinner
  • A pet (dogs keep us particularly fit)
  • Playgroups
  • There are even video games that require movement (like dance games)

Here, too, we as parents have to set an example of what we want to convey to our children. In this way, we can set clearly defined W-LAN times in the Internet router that children and adults must adhere to. Outside of these times, the whole family can look for more active hobbies and pursue them together.

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WARNING: What you should know about your overweight child through puberty

Are you struggling to teach your child to lose weight?

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