How many black sand beaches are there

There are places in the world that are so beautiful that I doubt their existence. That's what happened to me when I heard about these colorful beaches. That's why I started looking for them - with success. Accompany me on my journey through Greece, Peru, Ecuador, Iceland and other countries and discover with me the top 10 colorful shores of this world.

Colorful beaches all over the world

The black beaches in Iceland

Red Beach in Canada

Orange beach in Greece

White beaches in Australia

Yellow beaches in Tenerife & Peru

Pink beach in Crete

Green beach in Ecuador

The black beach of Jokulsaron

As you might already guess from the name, the first beach I would like to introduce to you is onIceland. As we all know, the island in the north is full of natural wonders, geysers, glacier landscapes and magical grottos. All of this is typical of the trend island. I would like to show you another natural spectacle today. The land belonging to the Jökulsaron glacial lake is pitch black.Like so much on the island, its color has a volcanic origin. The volcanic ash forms a stark contrast to the white ice floes that otherwise characterize the landscape here. Just beautiful, isn't it?

You can find a similar picture inDyrholaey, a peninsula in southern Iceland. As at Jökulsaron, a volcano is responsible for the dark color of the sand. It is no less beautiful here! I wouldn't recommend jumping into the ice-cold water, but amazement is definitely allowed.

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Red Sands Shore in Canada

Red is not only the color of love but also the color of love Prince Edward Islandin Canada. Behind the coloring is the red sandstonewhich also colors the rocks of the island. The reason for this is a high iron content in the rock. This beach invites you to take endless walks, don't you think?

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Orange sand in Greece

You might not want to believe it, but the next beach I'll show you is is bright orange colored. On the Greek islandKefalonialocated, the orange-colored sandy beach stands out against the backdrop of white rocks.

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Snow-white sand in Australia

With the color white, I just couldn't decide on a beach. That's why I'm just introducing you to two beautiful, crystal-white beaches in Australia in front. The first dream beach all in white is on Fraser Island. Here, not only the beach, but also the water is something very special, because the only water source of the McKenzie Lake is the rain. The pure white sand on the shores of the lake underlines the purity of the water and makes this beach so special and beautiful.

The second of the white beaches can also be found in Australia. The Whitehaven Beach is on the east coast of the continent in the state of QueenslandWhitsunday Island. With its quartz content of almost 99%, this sandy beach is one of the whitest in the world. Just unbelievable!

Yellow sand in Tenerife & Peru

The beach Playa el Medano on Tenerife has a very special color: a mixture of a deep brown and bright yellow almost leaves the beach Golden appear. With such views, you can easily spend a few hours on your Tenerife holiday under a shady parasol, right?

You can find another splash of color from nature in a completely different part of the world. Here yellow rocks shine in the middle of the landscape and tumble down onto a shimmering red sandy beach. Sounds unreal? But that's exactly how you can do Mother Nature on Playa Roja admire in Peru.

Pink sand beach on Elafonísi

Elafonísi beach is not just a true girl's dream in pinkCrete.The name of the small neighboring island of Crete means something like deer island. The specialty of the island: when the weather is calm and there are no waves, Elafonísi is connected to Crete by a strip of sand. This beach is made up of tiny Shell and coral particles colored pink. Ah!

The green sands of Ecuador

The Punta Cormorant is on the north coast of the island of Floreana, one of the smaller islands in the south of the Galapagos Archipelago. The small natural wonder is hidden between two volcanic hilly landscapes. Treasure hunters watch out! Here you can find the so-called Ilivin Crystals. These are also the secret to the green shimmer of this colorful beach.

The colorful beaches are too beautiful to be true!

Believe it or not, there are even more of these beaches spread across the globe. Is it exactly the same for you that you discover wonderful places that astonish you again and again? Tell me about your favorite places or browse mine Travel magazinewhat small and big miracles I have found on my travels!

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