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Cross-platform bookmark manager very many elements

A few years ago I stopped using bookmarks in the web browser due to several issues:

  • It got chaotic very quickly
  • Browsing my bookmarks was slower than browsing the internet. I never visited my bookmarks again.
  • The graphical user interface was not suitable for managing many bookmarks (such as> 10000).
  • Navigating nested bookmark subfolder trees was quite a hassle

What I need is a bookmark manager similar to the file manager.

  • Full screen window
  • As many elements per page as possible (small fonts). What I really hate about the modern user interface is that it's easy to waste screen space (large margins, large fonts, large icons => small number of elements per screen)
  • easy browsing throw folders

Why I need so many bookmarks - mainly for Compiling a personalized knowledge base of learning resources and Z.

  • interesting pieces of code from various other races' github repos
  • Processing sketches of OpenProcessing and shaders from ShaderToy
  • Wiki pages (from Wikipedia, but also from more specialized Wiki websites)
  • Answers from the stack overflow and the stack swap
  • Youtube and Vimeo videos

Why bookmark things like this? Many of these websites have their own system of saving "favorite" items?

  • Because I want to categorize my knowledge base by topic, not by medium or website.
  • Because I want a universal structure and user interface across all sources so that I don't have to adapt to the specifics of every website
  • because managing "favorites" is pretty crappy on some websites (e.g. YouTube has no sub-folders and moving / deleting items is impossible or tedious)

George M.

It sounds like you need a good note-taking program, not just a bookmark manager. Modern notes definitely contain web content, or at least URLs. But then again, could you contradict them as well as the modern user interface?


Procopius, have you ever found a good one?

Prokop Hapala

Unfortunately, I've approached the stupidest solution: Send commented Gmails with links to myself and add topics to them. It's the most platform-independent, universal, and fits old habits. Whenever I tried anything else, I always hit the wall.


You can do this TagSpaces try out.

They save bookmarks in the form of or files that can be tagged.

It has a free version, is cross-platform, and open source.

Patrick Honorez

I've been using pinboard.in for a few years. They don't have a tree view, but you can combine tags or Bundles create.
A more modern presentation and interesting features are available on tagpacker.com, but there are no mobile apps yet.
As a freelancer who works for clients on a regular basis, I can only consider cloud-based solutions.