Why did Dobby have to die


Dobby was a free house elf. Before Harry Potter freed him, he was in the service of the Malfoys. Dobby is so grateful to Harry that he adores him.



Dobby was a very kind, loyal and good-natured elf who would do anything for his "great hero" Harry Potter. When he was still serving the Malfoys, he was beaten a lot and often had to punish himself. He was doing so badly that when Harry asked him to sit down, he burst into tears and called him noble. Even if he had to obey the Malfoys, he showed a strong will when he went against the Malfoys' ban on warning Harry. Dobby hated his former masters and anyone who turned against Harry.

When he was finally a free elf, he found it difficult to get used to freedom and wanted to punish himself if he spoke badly of it or if he did something wrong. He could also be very persistent, for example he didn't sleep for several weeks when Harry asked him to find out what Draco Malfoy was up to. Dobby loved to be outdoors, but he also liked to work, so he wanted to find a family that would pay him, but no one took him. One day he met Winky, a whore who had to leave her Lord Bartemius Crouch. With her he went to Hogwarts to work in the kitchen. Dumbledore hired them immediately and Dobby was offered a salary, which he immediately lowered, because it was too much for the house-elf, who had never been paid for his work before, otherwise it goes without saying that they are kept like slaves by their masters was. He bought clothes and was very proud to be a free elf, which the other house-elves called a disgrace to the house-elves and they were ashamed of Dobby, which Dobby apparently didn't care about.

Dobby has always been very helpful, which is not always helpful, since in order to save Harry he almost killed him at times. Dobby spoke of himself, like all other house-elves, only in the third person.


Dobby had the elven magic that enabled him to Apparate or Disapparate in places that wizards couldn't. However, he could take people who touched him with him. He could also let magic work without having to use a wand. For example, he could only levitate things or control them with a snap of his fingers. If he was called by his master or someone he considers master, even if that person was in a completely different place, it was possible for him to Apparate to him on the spot, which indicates a certain connection between elf and master closes. However, a house-elf can also use his magic offensively, as Dobby showed against his former Mr. Lucius Malfoy. Besides, his intellect as a house elf wasn’t that great.


Harry Potter

As mentioned before, Dobby would do anything for Harry, even if it meant his own death. Dobby adored Harry because he freed him from the tyranny of the Malfoys in the second part. Harry was also fond of the elf and gave him lots of socks when he helped him with the second task of the Triwizard Tournament at the last minute. When Dobby died in Part 7 for Harry and his friends, Harry and his friends were heartbroken and buried him near Shell Cottage. He dug the grave without magic.

Malfoy family

Dobby hated the Malfoys, who loathed him and saw him only as a slave without feelings. They also always reminded him of punishments he had forgotten. They also often punched or kicked him if something wasn't going quickly enough for them. After Dobby was freed from their duties and could finally talk freely about them, he told Harry that they were "evil, black" magicians. When Dobby was back in their house in the seventh part, he felt very uncomfortable, but finally shouted at them furiously that they were no longer his masters.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

This is where Dobby made his first appearance. He wanted to convince Harry that he couldn't go back to Hogwarts and even intercepted all of his letters to make him think his friends had forgotten him. He then caused some trouble for Harry when Harry refused to respond to the elf. At platform 9 3/4, Dobby locked the barrier, the passage between the two tracks. When the plan didn't work, he enchanted a Bludger so that it would only target Harry. The consequence of this (and Lockhart's skills as a wizard) was Harry's stay in the hospital wing, where his bones in his right arm had to grow back first. At night the ailing seeker received a visit from the elf, who again asked him to leave the school because terrible things were at work. Harry refused again and Dobby Disapparated when they heard someone approach the hospital wing. At the end of the book, Dobby reappeared, accompanied by Lucius Malfoy. He gestured to Harry that the diary belonged to his Master. He was then freed by Harry, who wrapped the book in a slimy sock and gave it to Lucius Malfoy, who angrily tossed the sock into the air where Dobby caught it. Even if he didn't give him the garment with the intention of freeing him, it had the desired effect on Harry and Dobby was finally free.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Dobby was now working in the kitchen at Hogwarts with the other house-elves and Winky. Harry, Ron and Hermione visited him now and then and Dobby gave Harry a pair of self-knitted socks to Bartemius Crouch Jr., in the form of Mad-Eye Moody, called him into the staff room shortly before the start of the second task of the Triwizard Tournament on the pretext that he should pick up some capes. Crouch was starting a conversation with Professor McGonagall about dianthus when the elf entered the room. Dobby stole some from Snape's storage cupboard and gave it to Harry at the last minute, who was hopelessly looking for books in the library. In gratitude, Harry Dobby later bought loads of weird stockings.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

One night Dobby visited Harry, who asked if he knew a place where Dumbledore's army could train. Dobby told him about the Room of Requirement and Harry was delighted. Around Christmas he decorated the room in honor of Harry with balls on which "Harry Christmas" was written, but which he immediately removed again.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Together with the house elf Kreacher, he shadows Draco Malfoy for Harry.

He finds out that Draco Malfoy is going to the Room of Requirement.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Here Dobby was sent to the Malfoy home by Aberforth Dumbledore to save Harry and his friends. Dobby Disapparated with Luna Lovegood, Dean Thomas and Garrick Ollivander while Harry and Ron tried to free Hermione. A fight broke out and Dobby dropped the chandelier from the ceiling. Then he took Hermione, Ron and Harry, who in turn was holding the injured Kobold Griphook, and Apparated with them to Bill and Fleur. But before they disappeared for good, Bellatrix Lestrange threw a dagger that pierced Dobby's chest. Harry tried to keep Dobby alive and asked Hermione for a healing potion from her pocket that she had previously used for Ron, but she had lost her pocket and can only bow her head in pity. Dobby died in Harry's arms and he was happy to be part of the company of his friends. Luna Lovegood and the others helped Harry bury Dobby without any magic, as Harry wished. Harry was very saddened by Dobby's death as he was the one who saved his life many times.


  • Dobby can't pronounce Ron's last name correctly, so he calls him "Weezy"
  • Dobby and Winky knew each other well before they were together at Hogwarts.
  • Professor Dumbledore initially offered Dobby 10 galleons a month and free weekends, which the elf refused, but overwhelmed.
  • He also told him that he could talk freely about him and, if he wanted, call him a "crazy old guy".
  • In the fifth part, none of the elves wanted to clean the Gryffindor common room anymore because Hermione hid elf hats everywhere, so Dobby did everything by himself and put on whatever hats he could find.
  • Even Dobby's last words were "Harry ... Potter ..." for his great hero whom he admired above all else.

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