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We show you the most popular Kalashnikov Airsoft guns, replicas and air rifles. The AK 47 rifles are among the most popular and best-selling airsoft guns. We looked at all the details of the AK 47 and compared it with other models. You can find it below current prices and a detailed purchase advice for Kalashnikov AK 47. (Update 05/2021)

The ones used by the Airsoft Kalashnikov Materials and the level of detail achieved can vary greatly depending on the design. The AK 47 airsoft rifles are often a mixture of Plastic and metal, through which a certain weight and a corresponding precision should be achieved. As a reference, we have examined two models of what is probably the most frequently produced handgun of all time, the famous AK-47 as airsoft spring pressure and electric air rifle.

Buying advice: AK 47 Kalashnikov airsoft rifle

TheKalashnikov AK 47 Airsoft caliber 6 mm spring pressure <0.5 Joule * is today on May 19, 2021 at 5:10 am available at a price of 45.00 EUR.

Facts about the Kalashnikov airsoft rifle AK-47

  • Emergence: The automat Kalashnikow was made by the Russian engineer Michael Kalashnikow Developed as a rapid fire rifle from 1946 and introduced to the Soviet troops from 1948. Based on the findings from the fighting with German units but also from the Finnish winter war, the need for increased firepower was recognized. As a result, the assault rifle is still widespread around the world today. It is considered one of the most produced weapons any times.
  • material: While the original has a high proportion of Components made of wood most use reproductions Plastic in wood look. As a result, Airsoft Kalashnikov are significantly more affordable and still are optically close to the originals. Due to the use of metallic components, mainly in the barrel and housing parts, a appropriate feel and a realistic weight guaranteed.
  • precision: While variants with fully automatic firing sequences can of course fire much faster, the advantage of single-shot shots is that increased precision, comparable to real weapons. Due to the built-in BAX Systems this is also increased even further. The projectile is turned into a similarly sharp projectile Rotation offset and is thus at distances of about 15 m still extremely accurate and convinces with a small scatter circle.
  • processing: Due to the savings in material, one cannot of course expect a realistic copy, but the model impresses with its thoroughly successful appearance and is accordingly suitable also for decoration purposes. Due to the given functionality in connection with the large capacity of 300 rounds, the model is definitely a recommendation for the various areas of application.
  • operation area: Regardless of whether as Decorative object, for play or even as a practice device The Airsoft Kalashnikov model is equally suitable for the living room at home. This is only for use in organized games or over a long period of time regular repeating a high obstaclewhich does not really justify the precision achieved.

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AK-47 AEG electric air rifle

AK-47 Kalashnikov Replica

Buying guide for Airsoft Kalashnikov AK-47

material: Thanks to the use of metal parts, especially inside the replica, a will definitely be high weight of 1790 grams reached. As a result, it remains well below the weight of the original of a good 4 kilos without ammunition, but it does convey one realistic feel. Models with real wood are hard to find on the market and are priced in the range of demilitarized originals.

Planned application: A freely available copy with an appealing look is natural good for decoration purposes or can also be used as a play device. If you also want simple ones Target exercises without unnecessarily endangering the equipment of the living room, the Airsoft Kalashnikov is definitely a good choice.

security: In particular, if the airsoft weapon is actually to be used in a game, the Protection of those involved to pay attention to. This particularly relates to wearing an adequate one Eye protection but also on knowledge of the legal framework. Use from 14 years of age is permitted, but driving and of course using it in public can be punished as an administrative offense. Since the airsoft looks deceptively similar to a real weapon.

Unboxing & testing AK 47 Kalashnikov Airsoft Electric

FAQ - Readers' questions about Airsoft Kalashnikov

How real is the Kalashnikov Airsoft for the AK-47 Original?

The well-known The silhouette of the AK-47 can hardly be confused. Nevertheless, by avoiding wooden components, it is of course not possible to achieve perfect realism. So are they Markings not based on the originals, but represent a stylized version, including a portrait of Mikhail Kalashnikow. Due to the many variants and the increased recognition value, the illusion is nevertheless convincing. More about the AK-47 in our guide.

Is the AK-47 suitable for professional airsoft games?

A use in league-wise organized games would hardly be advisable, as these are mainly significantly higher range or firing frequency require. In this regard, other models would rather be recommended, but who also here classic look of the AK-47 preferred, at least for Battery model to grab.


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