How rich is Harry Potter

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Wow! Harry Potter is a millionaire!

Ever since we saw his dungeon in the Gringotts magician bank in the first “Harry Potter” film, we have known that there are heaps of gold coins of the magician's currency Galleon stored there.

► But who knows how much a Galleon is worth in the Muggle world?

A user of the platform researched the books and compared the prices of various things that we Muggles have in common with the wizards. So she found out that one galleon is roughly equivalent to $ 25, i.e. just under 22 euros.

And now it's getting exciting: Using the movie scenes from Harry's dungeon, another Reddit user calculated how much money Harry must have inherited from his parents ...

To do this, he only looked at the gold pile shown in the film and came up with 50,625 galleons. So a monetary value of around 1.13 million euros!

But the books tell of more money than just a bunch of galleons. Author J.K. Rowling writes of heaps of galleons as well as the smaller coins Sickeln and Knuts.

Harry also owns a property that his godfather Sirius Black bequeathed to him.

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So Harry is probably a multi-millionaire!

It's a miracle that he didn't really take off. Millions in the bank, a property and the fastest broom in the world - he still didn't become one of the Rich Kids of Hogwarts.

Instead, he's helpful and generous. He even gives the Weasley twins the start-up capital for their company. The sum is equivalent to a mere 22,000 euros.

Harry knows very well that money is not everything in life.

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